October 16th, 2006

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Market Foods, cont.

Two more products spotted here at the market: Pork Brains, Cow Tongues.

I think most parts of the body are represented here. So far, besides the regular cuts of meat (loin, ribs, etc.), I've seen: chitterlings (pig intestines), tripe (cow stomach), gizzard (bird stomach), pigs feet, pig ears, ox tail. And I guess the sausages out there probably have *everything* in them. The market also sells whole pig, on special order. In fact we got a call about whole pig today, from a caterer.
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Counting the Iraqi Dead

My local paper reprinted this opinion piece today and I had to share. The article is online but I think it will be taken down tomorrow so here it is behind a cut.

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Meanwhile, is it me, or has this study been buried by most news media?????


In semi-related news, I read the other day that over 30,000 grewhounds are "detroyed" each year because they've outlived their usefulness to breeders and owners who raise them for racing. National greyhound rescue site, with links to local adoption agencies worldwide. It just makes me so angry to see animals thrown away like this.
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Working Out, Work, and School

I Won Stuff!
Went to the gym tonight and found out that I'm the winner of the latest gym challenge, called "The Burn." The goal of the challenge was to get people to burn at least 1000 calories a week in exercise, which I believe is the recommendation goal of the CDC or something. Anyway, all participants had to fill out cards for each individual exercise and use a chart to calculate points based on exercise, duration, etc. It ran for a month and at the end I was one of the top three placers. I actually didn't place first but was the winner because what they did was put your name in a drawing for each week you reached 1000 and then drew from that. The more times you reached 1000, the higher your chance, I made it all four weeks so I won. I can get a 1 hr. session with a personal trainer or a massage at the spa. Talked to my fav staffmember and he says I work myself hard enough I don't need a trainer, so I probably will get a massage. True, I really wish the prize was an iPod, but hey, maybe I can get some work done on my hips!

Job Hunt Update
My revised plan is to get Metro Girl in good working order again and to also seek out either part-time employment or short-term contracts. I don't really want to get into full-time, long-term work again, for several reasons, including the stress involved, the type of positions I see open, and the fact that I am focusing more and more on the idea of going to school next fall, and I don't want to land a FT job and then have to leave after less than a year. I mean, maybe if something really awesome fell in my lap, but otherwise, no.

That School Thing
Which brings me to the idea of going back to school. The more people I mention it to, the more positive feedback I get, and the more I think that it really makes a lot of sense. I feel very good about it -- a lot better about it than I do about going into another stressful FT job in a field I'm not sure I want to stay in. I'm now making steps forward in the process, including getting a GRE prep book (thanks to eBay), reading more details on the application process, and coming up with a list of people to ask for recommendations. I probably don't need to focus on the application part of it for a while yet, just focus on the GRE and sign up for the test whenever I feel prepared.

Mental State
Something is definitely up with my mental state, and not in a good way. I definitely get the feeling the anti-depressant I'm on has lost its effectiveness, as not only am I more and more depressed, with all the usual symptoms, but I'm getting to be really bitchy and irritable again, like I was before I went on meds. This weekend I kept getting super irritated with Caleb and Daniel in cases where it was really uncalled for. So that irritiability is a definite sign. Now, when I talk to Caleb about all this, he says it's because I'm not working, but I definitely think the depression was coming back even when I was working. I want to go to my doc about this, but stupid BCBS still hasn't accepted me for insurance, or just hasn't sent the card yet, so I have no insurance, or proof of it. I'm loath to pay the full cost of an office visit, plus the cost of any new drugs or referral to a psych, so I'm waiting for now.

I know, boring and banal, but the summer weather is finally gone. It's been cool, 50s, and today it was drizzling all day. Tonight was the night I finally put the heat on, as it got to like 65 in here and that's too low. Of course now that the heat is on, my HVAC is making this weird sound, probably because I haven't installed the new filter yet. Me, complete a household repair project quickly? Surely you jest! I need to borrow a ladder before I can do it.

I really, really, REALLY want to get over to Europe soon, or at least schedule a trip. It's been so long, I'm nearly out of European shampoo! LOL. Seriously, Caleb is wanting to go to Germany this December and I'm like "Sign me up!" With this latest round of self-employment, I plan on being more careful about overdoing the traveling, but I have to go! I'm also dying to go back to England. Maybe I'll find a really good fair for wintertime and visit Stafford in the shit weather again. It'll be cheap and I can still work with my laptop!