October 17th, 2006

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It's pouring here in Atlanta, and the metal roof here at the market office is very loud. Talk about white noise!

Meanwhile on the way to work, I spotted a guy in a full suit, dark grey, hair combed, attache case in hand, with a little girl's purple "bubble" umbrella, complete with large red butterly on it, with wings extending over the top. Something tells me he couldn't find his own umbrella this morning so he got desperate. He was going to the GSU School of Business.
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IE Tabs

So I'm using Internet Explorer here at work and I just noticed yesterday that it has tabbed browsing! Hallelujah! If I'm going to have to use IE, at least now I don't have to keep 5-6 different windows open at any one time.
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Insurance rant

So I bit the bullet and got my prescriptions filled. I wish I hadn't. First of all, at the counter I was told that somehow they hadn't received my order and so I'd have to wait while they prepared it. I said OK, and then a minute later the pharmacist was asking about my insurance card. "Sorry, don't have one!" She nodded and then a minute later she was like "Um, it's like ______ dollars. Sure you want it?" Sigh. I can't put off renewing any more, espeially since I've heard it's really not a good idea to suddenly stop taking an anti-depressant. 15 minutes later: huge bill. About the only saving grace is that it went on my British Air credit card, so I get some marginal mile points or something.

As soon as I got home, I called the insurance company (see dadi, I used the phone!) and after enduring their annoying voicemail menu, which asks you over and over for your member number (which is what I want!) I got this nice lady who went and checked the status of my application. So she tells me they got something from me today. I'm like, "What? I didn't send anything, it was all online." She pokes the database and sees it's something from a Dr. Jones, something that had been holding up my application. Dr. Jones my primary care physician, so I guess some sort of medical records request. So that's a good thing, I think, because it means my application can move forward, although the rep I spoke with couldn't tell me when I can expect to actually, you know, have insurance.

What I don't get? The first time I signed up for BCBS insurance, while preparing to be self-employed, it was really quick. All I did was call up a rep and everything went through just fine. I had them for two years, dropped them for six months, and then came back to reapply when I actually really *need* the insurance, they drop the ball. My hope? When I get the insurance, the effective date will be prior to today, so I can retroactively get back the money I just spent on my drugs.
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Whoops, there she goes!

Tonight on the way back to the car in the Atlantic Station parking garage, I slid on the wet stairs and endured a major wipe out, but as usual managed to fall with minimal damage. How do you learn to avoid getting hurt in a fall? Practice, practice, practice! LOL. When I slid backwards I arched my back so I wouldn't hit any of the steps, which had metal treads on them that could've done some serious, serious damage. I slid down four or five steps in this sort of arched position with only my calves and arms touching the steps. My left forearm came down hard on one of them but aside from what I assume will be whopper of a bruise, I came out A-OK. When you fall as much as I do, and have, grace under gravity is key.

Trivia: I have a fine scar running under my bottom lip, from falling on my face from a jungle gym in kindergarden. Front teeth went through my lip. I just sort of fell right on my face, without breaking my fall. I started learning from there!
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