October 18th, 2006

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Bird and Cat Theater

I really think my bird Pell gets along with Luckie better than she gets along with me. Maybe it's the hours Luckie spends on the windowsill watching Pell's every move with fascination? She only paws the bars occasionally. Meanwhile Pell will be there preening, see Luckie and start a huge squawking fit ("What are YOU looking at?"), jump down to bottom of the cage and march over right to Luckie's face. There she gives Luckie a bit of a telling off, before strutting back and forth, making little chirping sounds, and looking at Luckie very curiously. Luckie will roll on her back and put her paws sort of up on the cage... and Pell will sort of go and rup her head on them, like "Hey, scritch my head!" I swear the bird finds the whole thing more amusing than anything. She's never demonstrated the least bit of fear around Luckie actually, just acts like she couldn't care less because she could kick Luckie's butt any day. Luckie would actually catch Pell in a second if she were out of the cage, but as it is, we've got Theater here!

P.S. Oh, and just now Luckie was apparently talking back to Pell, going "Meow... meow... meow... meeeeeeeeow! Eeeeeeee!" LOL. Those creatures are weird!