October 20th, 2006


5 Things (never gets old)

I was tagged by cob_web.

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1. When I read books, I have this compulsion to mentally county the top ten and bottom ten lines of text on every page. For example, I'll flip the page and see the last four lines of a paragraph, then scan down to see what lines will make ten. It gives me satisfaction if ten comes at the end of a line rather than splitting a paragraph. Everybody's a little OCD I guess...

2. I can play music on my teeth, like a zylophone, just tapping it with a fingernail, pencil, etc. I adjust the tone by moving my lips and tongue. The talents one discovers when bored in elementary school!

3. Throughout elementary school (speaking of) I normally had a "special" place to sit in the classroom, basically because I needed to be separated from the rest of the class, yet they couldn't put me in the hall. As I recall, in second grade I was given a blue "teacher's desk" at the back of the classroom, in third or fourth grade I was put in the back corner half behind a bookcase, and in sixth grade I was put in the back by the door under some hanging plants (which I cracked my head on numerous times). And people wonder why I seem to dwell on attention?

4. Up through my mid-20's, I found drinking from a glass (like... anything, including water!) kind of tricky, whether straight out of the glass or using a straw. I always used to open my mouth and pour the liquid in, instead of sipping or using suction. I'd frequently spill things all over myself, get stuff all over my face, break straws, etc. I had no idea I was like this until the time Mom took Dee and I to the Bronx Zoo and we were there at a McDonalds and they were both staring at me wondering WTF I was having such issues with my shake. I've learned the secret of drinking now, for the most part... but I sort of wonder why this was not so obvious to me. Mom thinks the whole thing is funny. I guess she laughed at me as a baby instead of correcting it :)

5. Even as a young kid (in the late 70s and early 80s), I spent a lot of time around computers, in computer labs, etc. Two of my sisters were in Computer Science (though technically Carolyn was a math major) and while more or less babysitting me, they'd take me to their college computer labs, where I'd sit for hours drawing on green and white dot matrix computer paper and they'd code FORTRAN, COBOL, etc. Meanwhile Mom went back to school to get an Associate's in CS and I spent tons of time around her computer paper and books, too. Meanwhile my sister Nancy worked in an office that had inter-office email and I thought it was sooooooooo cool how you could send messages. And then in second grade we got our own computer and from then on I was glued to it.

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Kitty in the morning

I love how responsive Luckie is to verbal commands. In the morning, if she's not already in bed waiting for me to get up, all I have to do is say "Luckie..." even quietly and she comes running out of nowhere, jumps on the bed with that "Brrweor!" noise she makes and stands there expectantly, tail kind of wagging, like she's a dog and we're going to go for a walk. She's just SO excited every morning when I get up!