October 21st, 2006

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Attack of the Muse!

For months I've been trying to get myself to write something for the Outworlders short story anthology. I was relieved when we didn't have enough stories to do it, because it gave me extra time, but then when I finally thought of a story idea, it didn't really have a plot. We were supposed to write something set in a shared world we created, a traveling carnival. Anyway, I promised to write one for last month's meeting, only I didn't, and then I almost didn't get one done for this month either, except suddenly I had an attack of the Muse!

I thought of an idea the other day, or really it was like all these ideas that had been bouncing around came together and I was like "OMG! A plot! No f'in way!" And as soon as I started thinking about it, dialog came to me, and I could see how the whole thing would be.

My only remaining worry was that I'd have no time to write it. I was making a pie last night, out all today, going out all tomorow, at the aquarium Sunday morning, and then it would be time for the group meeting.

But but but, miracle of miracles, after hanging out at Caleb's for a while listening to Kurt Vonnegut talk on the radio, I went home and said, "OK, let's write this." I lit some candles, put them on the kitchen table, got a pad of paper (not sure why I chose this, as I almost never write longhand anymore), put on a cool dark ambient album I love, poured out some liquor, turned out the lights and started to write. And in the one hour and ten minute length of that album, I wrote a 1600-word short story, all in one continuous take just about, in scribbling handwriting. Came out pretty much just as I'd wanted. As soon as I was done, the album ended.

It's all typed up now and I've posted it to the writer's group for disccusion on Sunday. If anybody wants to read a sad, kind of creepy Twilight Zone type story involving fog and a carnival, let me know, I'll email it.
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Stop destroying America! (Um... WTF?)

This letter to the editor ran in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UGH!

The biggest enemy America faces is within our borders. The anti-war, hate America, Communist/socialist elements are trying to change our country to fit their radical agenda.

They are in our schools and universities, legal system, Congress, our political system, government, the press and Hollywood. They hate religion, the military and our way of life.

They are dividing our country. They are taking over the Democratic Party. We all need to come together and let our voices be heard to defeat this growing theat to our nation.

Dale Cockerill

WTF???!!! I especially love the use of the word "radical." Pretty sure the writer is one, too!

Attention: Email Down

To anyone who's emailed me at my Abraxis account today, it seems like all my mail has gone into some sort of black hole. It doesn't download in Outlook and it's not on the server that I can tell. I've just contacted technical support so it will be fixed soon I hope.

Special note to the person I IM'd with this afternoon who said they'd emailed me 3 Wraeththu fanfic stories for Forever: I didn't get them. If you email them to forever [at] metrogirl [dot] com I'll get them. Thanks!
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