October 22nd, 2006

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Time to Edit the Manuscripts!

Well, I've been waiting for some book manuscripts to work on for Immanion Press with and suddenly, within the past week, I have two to edit and two to review for possible publication and at the very least feedback.

The first one I'll be editing is xanath's Wraeththu Mythos novel, Rosa Mundi, which I've already edited I think two drafts of. That's a whopper of story, I think 300,000 words or something, but it's always a joy.

The second book I have to edit is a vampire novel probably slated for 2008. I read the first couple of chapters and it was far superior to the dreck of the genre, so I recommended we take it.

The manuscripts I'll be reviewing include another Mythos novel and the second draft of a rather bizarre fantasy work I reviewed maybe a year ago. The fact that the manuscript has come back about half the length gives me hope it's improved, as one of its main weaknesses was going to long by repeating scenes. I had rejected it but given the author a lot of feedback, telling her that if she could prove her ability to correct the major flaws, we'd reconsider it. It's the sort of book that's so odd, in the particular way that appeals to me and Storm, nobody else would publish it.

Anyway, I'm very happy with all this, as I know editing will help get me back in the mind of writing. I wrote a story the other night and I want to keep the fires burning!
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For the past several months I've been off IM. Mostly this had to do with having too little time outside my job to allow conservations that might intrude on my consulting work or whatever else I was doing. Anyway, for the past several days I've made a point to be logged in and now, of course, hardly anybody else I know is logged in! So please, friends of mine I haven't chatted with in ages, consider saying hi to me, for old time's sake? I don't mind if you stay "invisible" and just pop up, and you know I will let you go if you tell me you have something to do, somewhere to be. And for those who want to know my IDs, it's on my LJ profile. I have MSN and Yahoo.
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Busy, busy

These past couple of days have been full of activity, most of it fun!
  • Busy half-day working at the market, mostly getting ready for the Harvest Celebration event.
  • Afternoon at Piedmont Park participating in "field day" games and contests with the staff of Caleb's company.
  • Company cook-out.
  • Getting a bunch of manuscripts to work on.
  • Making a chocolate cream pie for the Harvest Celebration pie contest.
  • Writing a short story.
  • Another fun half-day at the market, including taking picture and eating the prize-winning (sweet potato) pie.
  • Winning third in the pie contest.
  • Cooking fresh okra and tomato stew.
  • Finally watching Heavenly Creatures and loving it.
  • Going to the Georgia Aquarium with Caleb.
  • Going to Outworlders Writer's Group.
  • Watching around two hours of The Dog Whisperer.
  • Going for Sunday drive with Caleb.
  • Dinner at this fab new vegan restaurant, Power Plant.
  • Watching Greta Garbo in Mata Hari (1932 and quite non-sensical).
  • Bubble bath with Finnish bathing oil.

Oh, and thescreamregime, I started on St. John's Wort last week and I think perhaps it's helping.