October 23rd, 2006


The vertical water bowl!

Recently climactic conditions have been perfect for fogging up my the inside of my windows overnight. And so what does Luckie do but go around licking the windows! She did it this morning and is doing it right now here in the office. Now she's jumping down to make wet pawprints on the floor I guess.
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Email CPR

I swear I could write a manual on how to fix Outlook 2000. Yet AGAIN, the thing died on me and yet again my vigorous digital CPR methods, several of which are not in Microsoft's online help, brought it back to life. I know what I really need to do is upgrade Office so I'm not on 2000 anymore... or I need to switch to Thunderbird or something... but ack, right now I'm just happy I can get to my mail again.

And speaking of Thunderbird, anybody using it? Thoughts? Among other things, I need to know if it's robust enough to handle importing and dealing with a large archived mail folder. My Outlook mailbox is like 2 gigs, which is the reason Outlook so frequently chokes on me, and it's unlikely to get any smaller. Although I may not be able to get McAfee SpamKiller to integrate with Thunderbird, my spam problem isn't as bad as it used to be, so maybe I can forgo that for some stability and freedom from major freeze-attacks!