October 26th, 2006



It feels like it should be Saturday by now, this week has been so busy for me. Alas, it's not, but still I will pause and note a few bits and pieces of what's been going on:

Called BCBS today and asked them about my alleged "history of tobacco use." They looked up my application records and it didn't show anything like that, so they're issuing me a new letter with a new premium quote. Yay. I mean, I'd like to have the insurance sooner rather than later, but cheaper is better by far.

Halloween Party
Now that I've decided what to go as (Ceres/Demeter) and how to decorate my place (harvest theme), things seem to just be falling in to place. I can get a ton of pumpkins either at cost or free from the market. On top of that, the florist is going to let me borrow this pretty cornucopia she has on display and the market is letting me borrow a sort of corn husk garland they have out by the pumpkins. I may wear that as a stole. I'll be picking all that up tomorrow, plus a couple bundles of collard greens, either for use in a "skirt" or as decoration. (I will also eat it later.) After that I need to Publix and/or a couple other places to get things like more corn husks, dried corn, etc. I'd really love to go to a Michael's (craft and art supply place) but the only one is town is up near Lindbergh station and I might be too lazy.

Metro Girl
Work continues to come in! The transportation engineering firm I've been working with since May finally sent me their content yesterday, so I intend to get that plugged in quickly so I can bill them. That payment will pretty much give me financial security for the rest of the year, no matter what else happens. Next to that, I've go the market web site, which I want to get up next week and then bill for. Another looming prospect is the potential of a 50 percent retainer for the green space plan web site. If they actually pay me in advance like they said, I will be SO happy and relieved.

Market Work
I really enjoy working over at the market. The people are nice, there's a diverse crowd, and I get to do a lot of different things, some of them kind of odd, which adds spice. Today I: 1) made a "pumpkin facts" sign, 2) called up a trash removal company to discuss a bill, 3) placed a order for mass quantities of paper products, 3) placed an order for cleaning chemicals, 4) sold a guy 6 huge pumpkins, 5) told a lady who to call about chitlins, 6) faxed an insurance company to confirm vendor insurance, 7) wrote a memo to a vendor about insurance, 8) put all the vendors' mail into their boxes, 9) made copies of Thanksgiving coloring sheets, mazes and word searches... and more stuff I can't remember.
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Voice Post: Demeter Arises!

479K 2:14
“Fresh out of Michael's, all excited about the stuff I got to be Demeter and decorate the house. More excited about this costume than I've been about a costume in years. Love fall, too, so I can keep the decorations up a while I guess. Happy happy joy joy!”

Transcribed by: wiebke

EDIT: After I got back, I had a quick dinner and laid out all the stuff. OMG, this is going to be awesome! I got hit with inspiration and threw together my whole costume:
  • goldenrod-colored sateen sheet robe, tied at shoulder with gold Mardi Gras beads, discretely pinned various other places with binder clips
  • wreath of deep red berries on a vine, curling down to my shoulders
  • white-blond long wig (the only element I'm not sure of... maybe I should try the black one?)
  • grape vine garland over the shoulders
  • ivy garland "belt" trailing down one side
  • bunch of sparkling purple grapes, pinned on as a brooch
  • possibly some (plastic) crabapple earrings
  • green eyeshadow, dark red/copper lipstick

Decorations around the house will include a lot of fall & harvest garlands, pumpkins, apples, gourds, corn husks, dried flowers, candles, etc. Sort of little Temple of Demeter.
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Project Runway Dirt Mine

I've found the source of such wonderful (if official) behind-the-scenes gossip: Episode-by-episode podcasts by Tim Gunn! I've been going backwards from the finale (two parts) and have just finished on Episode 6. Some of the podcasts are up to a half hour long, Tim just dishin' the dirty and lots of personal opinions. I love how he actually loved some of the losing outfits or ones I liked that got dissed by the judges. And the stuff he says about Vincent... LOL.