October 27th, 2006

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From thefridayfive - Halloween-related

1. What's your favorite candy:
Black licorice, but only European, preferably from England, Germany or the Netherlands. France and Italy also have licorice but it can be too strong even for me (thought not my mother). Meanwhile, American licorice generally sucks, because it's too sweet and has no flavor. Twizzlers and Nibs are not real licorice. And red licorice is not licorice any more than white chocolate is chocolate.

Other kinds of candy I like: gummy worms, sour gummy worms, lemon drops, horehound drops. (Yes, I like things that taste sour and/or kind of disgusting.)

2. What's the best scary movie?
My favorite horror movie is Suspiria, but I like it more for the art direction and music than for the scare factor. Parts of it make me laugh, actually. Now for a movie that was TOO scary, Cube! I had to stay in another room while my friends were watching it. Similarly, could not watch more than the first few minutes of Saw II. Any movie that includes a lot of suspense followed by a lot of nasty, nasty violence (people being decapitated, for example) freaks me the hell out.

3. Do you like to be alone at home?
I've lived alone for 5-6 years. I certainly prefer it.

4. Pumpkin pie: eat it or throw it?
If it's homemade, yeah. If from the supermarket, I'm skeptical.

5. The most distasteful Halloween costume you can think of:
Guys dressed up as "breast cancer detectors" (box with hole to insert boobs and they feel you up.) Unfortunately I've seen this outfit more than once.