October 28th, 2006

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It's Harpua Time Again

I should mention that I have the dog again this weekend. "The" dog being Harpua, since I've dogsat her more than any other dog I think. She's such a sweetheart. Right now she's having some health issues so I have to give her pills and put Pupperonis in her kibble to make her eat, but she's a trooper and with enough peanut butter and Pupperonis she'll do what she's supposed to. She's a 7-8 year old golden retriever, BTW.

Like last time I had her, I took her down here to hang out for a while. Every time the bird squawks or chirps, she runs over to the cage and looks at her, like "Whoah, what is THAT? Hi there! Wanna be my friend?" She likes the guinea pigs, too, especially Abbie. She seems to think they're puppies! As for Luckie, well, kitty stood her ground for a while, on the couch hissing, but Harpua is Miss Oblivious, didn't even seem to notice she was there OR that she was threatening her. Finally Luckie got distressed by the way the dog was romping all around, playing with her toys, etc., and slunk out to the bedroom, where she watched proceedings from the safety of under the bed. Harpua took Luckie's toy spider and nibbled the legs off.

Later, after taking her out on the last walk of the day, I hung around watching TV at her owners' place, which is very comfty, big TV, and watched The Dog Whisperer. Harpua was totally watching it, especially the segment with a Doberman. She was like "Whoah, there's a dog in that box!" LOL.