October 29th, 2006

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Halloween Party Update... Before I Pass Out

The party kicked ass. My costume kicked ass. Actually a lot of costumes kicked ass. My decorations were gorgeous and the ones for the lobby and halls were awesome too. You'd never known most of this was thrown together over just a couple of days! Meanwhile, other bits and pieces:
  • I helped a samurai pin on his sash.
  • Burned my chin while blowing out a candle -- hot wax burn.
  • Caleb and Enrique came as vampires from Buffy.
  • My neighbors' black lab Murph was in costume as a pumpkin.
  • At one point Caleb and I went out to walk Murph and Harpua. I was still dressed like a goddess, in a sheet, minus the berry crown and plus a red 1950s coat. The people waiting outside The Mark were like "Wha....?"
  • I blasted Dead Can Dance all night to overpower the annoying, mostly bad, rap on the main stereo in the hall.
  • Everybody loved the Vermont cheese Caleb brought over.
  • Luckie hid under the bed all night, pissed off.
  • Murph came in few times and ate Luckie's food.
  • My neighbor Vos' cat Princess came in and went through the whole apartment, like she owned it, and didn't want to leave. Then she ate some of Luckie's food. Luckie was maaaaad about that!
  • Cleaning up tomorrow is going to be a task. I'm sure something in the hall will have gotten broken. Now, do we leave in the black lights we put in the ceiling lamps in the lobby?

PICTURES posted soon, in next 24 hours, promise. Took a lot. Mighty nice ones!
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Picture Post - Demeter

As I was readying a picture post on the party last night, I decided I had enough of just my costume -- Demeter (Ceres), goddess of harvest, fertility, etc. -- that I could do a separate post. So here it goes!

My fav pic of the night, totally unretouched, taken towards the end of the night.

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P.S. Hopefully I'll remember to make a couple of icons from these.
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Picture Post - Halloween 2006 @ The Healey

And now shots from the big party last night, put together by my hallmates in a big group effort. There were probably around 100 people, though it was hard to keep track since there were multiple apartments open and the whole entire hallway was a big party zone. But anyway, the pictures!

Enter the Harvest Festival!

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Woof, woof!

I've been a bit scattershot about posting in recent days, so I might not have mentioned that I'm dogsitting the lovely and sweet Harpua again. Or at least I was, as the gig started Friday afternoon and her owners should be arriving home shortly.

Anyway, she's a nice dog and all, but once again the whole affair of having to schedule my life around how long a dog's bladder can hold out was a drag. There's just no way I could have a dog living in an apartment, at least one without a yard or at least a ground-level entrance that makes it easy to just go out for a second. Here, you have to get the dog down the elevator, through the lobby, and then hustle one to three blocks away 'til you find a patch of ground that's not sidewalk or road. After that you can finally go and have fun, although for sure cleaning up the Number Two is nasty, even with the convenient little baggies that come in a holder on the leash. Ew. I also don't like how there's nowhere I can go and actually let the dog run free, without a leash, because there's traffic or food trash on the ground or unknown, possibly unsavory characters around, forcing me to keep her on a leash.

That said, some fun Harpua moments:
  • The old girl seems to think Abbie is hilarious and/or thinks she's a very small, odd-looking puppy.
  • Harpua going face-to-face with a vehemently hissing Luckie, totally oblivious she's being given the cat equivalent of the middle finger.
  • Silly getting her wagging tail caught in a cat toy... and not letting up the wagging.
  • Very determined Harpua digging through a pile of W magazines to get at a ball under my couch.

    and my personal fav:
  • Harpua howling and barking at the full-size painted bull outside the SunTrust office building on Park Place. She got weirded out by it last time I dogsitted so I decided to test her again. Indeed it seems she thinks it's some sort of very large threatening animal.