November 3rd, 2006

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Checking In

I haven't been posting much lately, relative to my usual output, but it's not because anything awful is going on or even that I'm particularly busy. Just haven't had the urge to lately, plus things have been going so swimmingly I'm just trying to enjoy the moments as they come. Considering how depressed I can get, I may as well enjoy the sunbeams when I can.

So, a few updates:

Job @ The Market
I continue to really enjoy my work at the market and what makes it even better is that, unlike my LAST job, I seem to be truly appreciated. Recently I've been talking to various neighbors of mine and have mentioned working at the market and they were all like, "Yes, we HEARD from Pam [the market manager] and Jen [marketing person] what a fantastic job you're doing and how they are SO pleased!" And today Pam came to me with my first check and was telling me how she knows they're paying me so much less than I'm worth and because of that, if I still want the job come January, she will see about hiring me on officially part-time or upping what I'm paid or something, because she's so pleased with what I've been doing. Yay! I really do like the work there; it's not anything brain-straining, but it's all things that make me feel useful and like I'm helping the market do better. Plus the people who work there are all really nice and friendly, so it serves well to keep my mood up. Holing up in my office at home sure doesn't do much for my mind, that's for sure.

New Food
Well, last night there was that fantastic dinner at Fleurs de Lis, and then today I had some more good food. Yesterday I'd tried out this Afro-Caribbean place Afro Dish at the market and it was so good I went back today for seconds. My lunch consisted of nothing but baked plantains and spicy black eyed peas. And lots of water to help with the spicy part. OMG, such satisfying food, and the "vegie plate" is only like $3 for up to 3 items. I got some spinach yesterday but it was just too spicy for me, like Indian spicy hot almost. (marchenland, I think you would dig this place. I mean, it's realllly good and it's wicked cheap. What's not to love?)

Just dyed my hair a couple of hours ago, to this shade "Pomegranate" ("True Red") I've done before. It's by Garnier and I love how it doesn't have a bad chemical smell but is sort of pleasant, with botanical oils and stuff. Considering my windows don't open, I'd rather not be overwhelmed with fumes. The color looks nice. Meanwhile my hair's finally gotten long enough for me to start wearing it in more of a bob. In the morning after my shower, I brush it straight back on my head and over the next hour it dries and falls into a natural part with a natural bob. It's still short but the shape is coming in. I hope to have it cut and shaped before going to Germany.

Today I managed to get out to Petsmart and get some much-needed supplies like timothy hay and cat litter, plus some extra goodies. The piggies' cage got cleaned afterward and they got a ton of hay, a new cardboard box to play in (shipping box with doors carved out) and mounds of food. The cat got some salmon cat food and "cat milk," and the bird got a Vitalkraft seed stick, which she went nuts over. Awwwww.

Oh, and back to the cat litter: I've switched to this corn cat litter called "The World's Best Cat Litter" (or something close to it) and it really is awesome. The key to it is that while it clumps, you can scoop it right into the toilet, no problem with clogging or anything. This way I can keep it clean all the time and don't have to bag up the poop or anything, which I hate doing. It lasts a long time too, a little bag of it lasting like a month. I am all for a product that lets me be lazier.

And FYI: Luckie's was licking the windows again today. Does it every time they fog up.

Caleb has a conference in Chicago coming up this weekend and through the first half of next week. He's leaving Saturday morning. Daniel is also going, meeting him there and staying a few days. They have a posh hotel and I'm sure Daniel will freak when he seems how awesome Chicago is. Meanwhile this trip will grant me several days on my own, during with I plan to finally put out a new edition of Inception, plus clean out my office and catch up on paperwork and receipts and bills that are lonnnnng overdue for a sorting. It will be so much easier to do that when I know I'm not going to be interrupted in the middle of it by boys wanting to go out to eat, go shopping, or visit and watch TV. So a few days on my own coming up -- wheeee!

I love fall and it's finally here. Lots of wind, trees turning, the air smells good, and it's cool enough to wear NICE CLOTHES (defined by me as coats and layers of goodies). It really improves my mood.
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From fridayfiver - Home

Ususally I do memes from thefridayfive but I like fridayfiver's questions better today.

1) Tell us about where you live:
I live in a 1000-sq.-ft. L-shaped 5th floor condo in Fairlie-Poplar, a small historic commercial district in Downtown Atlanta. The building I live in is a 16-story neo-gothic white terra cotta former office building built in 1913. Aside from a couple of features, like huge totally uninsulated windows that don't open and crappy wood veneer floors, I love my place.

2) If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be?
It's a tie between: 1) replacing all the windows with historically correct yet insulated and "openable" windows and 2) ripping out the floors and replacing them with actual solid wood floors. Unfortunately both these projects would cost minimum $10K, so unless something radical happens to my finances, neither is ever going to happen.

3) Do you do laundry on a regular schedule?
I do it more often than I used to, because I need to keep a supply of clean, dry work-out clothes (mainly bras), but in generally I am really slack about laundry. I tend to do weeks' worth at a time, after picking it all up off the bedroom floor.

4) Describe the place that you sleep:
1930s Art Deco brass full-size bed. It looks like it's out of a 1930s Astaire-Rogers movie, like Top Hat or something.

5) This morning: was it easy or difficult to start the day?
Easier than usual for some reason. I didn't feel quite as achy as usual, although my eyes were full of nasty Sandman goo. (Is it me or is this question totally out of place here?)

P.S. This icon shows me and my building.
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Market Stuff

Here are some things I did and/or saw today at work...

- Created shopping list of first aid supplies we need
- Created 3 weeks' worth of timecards for employees
- Made smoothie & sandwich customer loyalty cards
- Faxed insurance firm about supermarket's policy
- Delivered vendor mail
- Mailed out a child support check to the state agency
- Answered the phone, including inquiry about chitlins

- Scruffy looking guy eating a package of uncooked hotdogs
- Two old women gesticulating at the pumpkins
- Old lady pushing a two-wheel shopping cart covered in afghan squares
- Man walking with a gait like one of the kids on Fat Albert
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Two Piggy Things: Food and Dreams

Two little stories:

Food Snobbery
It cracks me up to see how snobbish my piggies have gotten about their food lately -- snobbish and manipulative! I come home from work and see they've run out of hay are wheeking for vegies and such. So, pigwhipped as I am, I toss some hay in the rack. Abbie and YinYang run over to eat and meanwhile I go grab them some parsley out of the fridge. Back at the cage, I toss it in, expecting they'll run up and eat it, but no, they're absorbed in the hay. Finally Abbie jumps up on the upper level where I've put it and checks it out. For about a second. Then she hops back down to the hay; her way of saying "Hmmm, well, if that's the other option, I'll take hay." Ten minutes later, I see both the piggies hop up to look at the parsley, and *both* of them turned away and faced where I was sitting, to *scream* that they weren't satisfied with the food. There's nothing wrong with that parsley, so I'm leaving them to deal with it. I suspect overnight they'll sneak up and eat it when I'm not looking.

Baby Piggies Dream
Meanwhile I had the funniest piggy dream last night. I dreamt that YinYang had a baby that looked just like Abbie. Then she had another one that looked just like her. In the dream I was amazed by this, because, well, there aren't any males around! Then I got upset because my cat Luckie came and attacked the little Abbie baby, so I had to rescue it and make sure there wasn't any major damage. After that I was showing my best friend the babies and discussing how the heck YinYang got pregnant, when suddenly I realized she hadn't just had two of them, she'd had three. The third one also looked just like her! (Which now that I think of it is funny since in real life, the one baby she had didn't look anything like her, since it appeared to be an American, flat fur, and different coloring.) Because it was a dream all the babies had grown pretty fast, so while they were smaller than the grown-ups, I basically had two that looked like Abbie and three like YinYang. And with the YinYangs, I couldn't tell them apart! Anyway, towards the end of the dream I was talking about having to give up a couple of them for adoption and how I'd certainly keep the little Abbie clone, since it was so adorable, even if it was a boy. If it were a boy, I'd take it to the vet to be neutered. Dreams are so weird.

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