November 4th, 2006

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Now THAT Is Writing!

Finished Never Let Me Go and it immediately goes to my Top 5 favorite book list, or whatever pantheon I have as far as books go. It's not really the dystopian theme of it (people being raised for spare parts) that I'm so impressed and moved by it, but by the incredibly refined prose style, the exquisite imagery, and what struck me particularly strongly, its handling of the stories and myths we build up about life as we're growing up and how much our point of view can change when we grow up.

Thinking on it, it's really one of the most beautifully written pieces of fiction I've ever read. Other books may have entertained me more, titilated me more, or dragged me into fandoms, but this was so fucking beautiful. Other books with the same type of beauty? E.M. Forster's stuff, like Room With A View and Maurice. My favorite Chaim Potok novels, The Chosen, The Promise and My Name Is Asher Lev. Mary Renault too, especially the really impeccable novels of hers like The Last of the Wine and The Persian Boy. But I think it is different from those books (well, except for Maurice) in being a short novel with a relatively simple plot and not too many characters. It's spare, but oh so rich at the same time.

I was going to be putting together the fifth year anniversary issue of Inception this weekend anyway, but now I'm driven to because I really, really want to review this book!

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Math was the toughest subject for me in high school. It was the only class I always had to take at "Level 2" instead of "Level 1" or AP. Actually one year I tried to take Level 1 but had to switch out after a couple of months because I was getting a C. In the end I placed 11th in my class of 300; would have been in the top 5 if I hadn't gotten B's in Level 2 classes. I would have done even worse except my dad tutored me night after night.

As for science, I did really well actually, although chemistry was torture because it involved so much damn math, at a time when I hadn't really had algebra. Again, Dad saved my ass by tutoring me. During senior year I skipped taking any science because the only real options left were things I refused to take like physics. Plus, that way I could double-up on English and take a double-period interdisciplinary course (English, history, art).