November 5th, 2006

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Cat Bite Update

I'm taking care of Daniel's cat while the boy's in Chicago, and it reminds me: That stupid cat bite back in July left me with a permanent scar! The ointment my doctor eventually prescribed, once I finally went in about it, reduced the swelling and made the scar smoother, but it never entirely cleaned up. It's sort of purplish red. Meanwhile I also have scars in the same area from some mosquito bites I got in Amanda & Lee's backyard around the same time. I swear, animals love my calves.

P.S. Toward the end of my visit today, the cat did indeed lunge for me and get a hold of my leg, but I was wearing long pants, on purpose. I smacked him on the head. He's got such a thick head, he can take it.
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Where ARE they?

Once again, I'm inspired/desperate for some jeans, specifically black jeans. But once again, I can't find them ANYWHERE! WTF is wrong with these retailers?????? It doesn't matter if I'm looking in the store or online, there are practically no black jeans out there. All I can find is blue jeans and sort of blueish grey jeans and of course all these various levels of treatment and distress. I just want black. I've gone to Gap, Levis, Lee, chain stores, and in every case there's maybe one variety of black jeans (if that) for every 75 of blue. (Meanwhile I also learned that Diesel is winner of Most Pretentious Fashion Site EVER.) Black jeans are a fashion essential! Again, WTF?

It's true, I have 4 pairs, but two of them are completely ruined (no crotch / no working pockets) and the other two are 36"x36" and I won't be fitting into them for some time.

P.S. Yes, I am talking about clothes. I get passionate.
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I Pity The Fool

I've always had a huge soft spot for Mr. T. Not just for The A-Team (um, guilty pleasure) but for the Saturday morning cartoon he did. Which nobody remembers but I totally dug it. Anyway, I'd heard he had a new "reali-T" show and tonight I needed a break from the bills and there it was: I Pity The Fool. I decided to check it out. And darn, I was laughing the entire time. I love that man. He busts into this dance studio in Allentown, PA, and sorts out all there issues like some kind of controlled hurricane. Better than a talk show, better than a TLC home improvement show!