November 6th, 2006

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From the market

I've been doing a lot of scurrying around this morning here at the market. Pam, the manager, has some sort of appointment and Jen, the marketing person, isn't here either so it's just me. This of course means weird and unforeseen stuff has to happen, like a Korean grocer coming to me and trying to tell me (in Korean English) that she wants to take a box of our cleaning staff's nice disposable gloves, instead of the regular kind her place gets from Cintas. Meanwhile I pre-ordered a sweet potato pie from the bakery here, to bring to our neighborhoods annual "Orphans' Thanksgiving." I made cranberry scones and cranberry bread last year but nobody seemed into it. But who can resist sweet potato pie?! That stuff is awesome!

Oh, and the new web site already has generated a customer email, asking about the price of chitterlings at one of our meat vendors. This is surprising in a way, because this weekend I learned that there is very little information or pictures of chitlins online, due I guess to either chitlin sellers or buyers just not being online much or it just not being something people trade info about online. But hey, web literate chitlin buyers!
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eBay Sale

I'm enjoying that satisfying feeling you get when you list a whole ton of things on eBay that you'd really like to get rid of. Here's what's up for grabs:

I'm already enjoying more room on my bookshelves...
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Piggy in a Blanket

Poor YinYang. As I posted on guinea_pigs this morning, her hair loss has continued, a strong indication that she has some type of ovarian cyst or tumor. She has other symptoms too, like being PMS-s, weird nipples, and being really round in the middle -- well, even rounder than usual.

Anyway, I'm taking her to the vet on Wednesday to yet again see what can be done about this, and it may turn out I have to get her spayed and/or have the cysts removed, if there are any. Depending on what procedures they do, it could be expensive, especially since there is basically only one vet in this entire city that does guinea pigs. The other vets either don't do it at all or if they do, they don't really know what they're doing.

Meanwhile because she's so bald and, I made YinYang a little sweater out of one of those travel socks British Air gave me flying to or from England. They're sort of like terrycloth. I made a tube and made little holes for her front legs. The piglet doesn't like it much -- keeps trying to shake it off -- but it is sooooooooo cute. I have got to get a picture.
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The Office Dig Out, Pt. 1

I'm cleaning out my office, after letting it sort of, well, ROT, for maybe five months, and I am truly disgusting. At times like this, I gotta admit, I definitley show evidence of a mental disorder. This mess is so UNCALLED for and the fact I'm managed to basically run in and out of here for months, sitting here for hours, surrounded by it, and yet have done nothing, makes me feel like one of those animal hoarders on the animal rescue shows who don't "see" the problem. Certainly I think the way this office got is a pretty clear indication of my mental state over the past few months! However, the fact I'm cleaning it up and reorganizing bodes well. There are lots of things I need to get going on and once it's actually clean in here, I'm sure I'll feel up to doing them, what with the clear horizon and... OMG, do I see desktop? No way....
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Digging Out, Pt. 2

Still digging out. Have found some scary stuff, like receipts left on the windowsill in the sun so long they're totally illegible, a whole stack of receipts (entered, just not... dealt with) from last September, forgotten paperwork like my sign-on letter from ARC, and mad amounts of dust.

The bright side of this, beside the obvious OMGit'sgoingtobecleanfinally, is that I'm actually working out doing this, as vigorous cleaning burns tons of calories (check out this calculator!), and this is VERY vigorous! For like three hours is shoveling stuff out of the office, sifting through it, and organizing it in the bedroom. I may as well be shoveling snow!

I think I'll only manage to put half of it BACK in the office tonight. I'll do the rest tomorrow and then, joy, start the exercising of attacking each individual pile of crap that needs to be dealt with.