November 8th, 2006

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Balding Piggy Update

Well, I took YinYang in to the vet this afternoon to have her big balding problem / probably ovarian cysts checked out.

My vet agreed that she's obviously gotten a lot worse. She said the two options were to try to HCG injection again or to get her spayed, taking out the problematic cysts and ovaries. The vet didn't press me either way so I asked her what she thought and she said since the shot didn't work last time we tried, she'd recommend spaying. YinYang is only three and besides the hair loss, healthy and active, so she should do well through surgery. Afterward her hair will all grow back and her disposition (right now 24-7 PMS) will improve. I scheduled the surgery for next week on Thursday. I'll be dropping her off in the morning and picking her up again around dinnertime. I think she'll do well, as long as I take away the second level on the cage, to keep her from jumping around so much.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the furry creature, taken before I took her in to the vet. In the first couple she's "naked" and you can see how bald she's gotten. In the rest of them she's wearing the little "sweater" I made her out of a sock :)

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sideview, obamame_sideview

Pet Bug

Animal Planet is airing "Buggin' with Ruud" again, one of my favorite series, and he just did a segment on centipedes that made me really want one! That would be a cool pet. You need a terraium with a wet environment, things for it to eat, and a personality that means you're not freaked out by bugs. Which I'm not. I love bugs and insects and things, except for mosquitoes and fleas, which bite me and cause horrible infections.

Other pets I'd like to have, given the room: tortoise, turtles, cockatiel, canary, finches, and cats and dogs. And chickens!