November 9th, 2006


A Tale of Two Cats

My next-unit-neighbor Vos has a sweet, elderly cat named Princess. Vos likes to leave the door to her unit open so that Princess can look into the hall or, as Vos hoped, go out into the hall and explore. Well, lately Princess has come out of her shell, so to speak, and has been not just going into the hall, but going into any open doors she finds. This has created some amusing situations!

Today, for example, I got in with some groceries and propped my door open, partially so Luckie could go in the hall. Vos told me it took Princess a long time to get up the courage to go out, so I should just leave the door open and try. Anyway, I unload the groceries and have breakfast. Eventually I notice Luckie is nowhere to be seen, which is odd since she clings to me. So I get up to put my cereal bowl away and lo and beyold, there's Princess standing by the piggies' cage looking at Abbie and YinYang with great interest. She then prances over to the guest bathroom, where she jumps into Luckie's litter box, checks that out, then jumps up on the toilet to check *that* out. I'm amused and pick her up to bring her back to Vos. Ten minutes later, I'm in the kitchen tidying up when I go to get something from the bedroom and there's Princess *again*, poking around through all my stuff. I didn't even see her go in. He he. That cat is fleet-footed and stealthy for being 17! I had to go to work so I carried her back to Vos again.

I'm thinking that if this keeps up, Princess will start hanging out at my place more and more and eventually Luckie will eventually stop hiding under the bed hissing. She'll just have to accept that her territory has been invaded :)
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F'in Insurance Crap

I have had it up to HERE with this insurance crap!

Earlier this week I called BCBS again wondering why I still haven't received a letter or waiver from them, to replace the erroneous one talking about my "history of tobacco us." I'd waited ten days and there wasn't a letter. They said it was "on the way" but agreed to fax it. Well, two days later, I get it, and 1) it's a fax of a dot-matrix printout, practically illegible and 2) it's telling me that my premium is going to be $322/mo. (same as if I smoked!) and 3) I have to sign a waiver agreeing that none of my allergy injections will be covered for 24 months. WTF?! I only need the shots once a month, but still, it just gets my goat!

At this point I just want to say screw it and go with a new insurer, but what if they dick me around the exact same way and I have to go a few months longer waiting on them? It's so irritating. I'm sorry, but having allergies shouldn't be a friggin' penalty :(
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Poll: Boots!

Poll #864255 boots

I really want some more boots and since stores don't carry my since, I've gone on eBay. But I can't decide which to go with. Here are the options (each link opens in a new window). What do YOU think? This is for me.

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If only

This is the first time in a while one of these has made any sense!

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This Fun Quiz created by ali at BlogQuiz.Net
Aries Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz
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Bad Day at Black Rock

By the time I was ready to go to the gym it was too late so I stayed home cleaning and turned on the TV. This was good fortune, because TCM was showing Bad Day at Black Rock, a Spencer Tracy movie I've always heard is incredible and, indeed, it is! Set in 1945, man with one arm (Tracy) gets off a train in a tiny nowhere town somewhere in the Southwest to carry out a task, only the townspeople are not too keen on strangers. Well, that's an understatement. There's no banjo music and except for the very end, not a lot of violence, but ooh, you can't stop watching the characters circling one another. Talk about tension! Great acting. It would make a fantastic stage drama, if it wasn't one to being with. Highly recommended viewing if you like movies about small towns with big secrets.
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