November 10th, 2006

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I had the weirdest dream the other night and I'm still wondering what it means, if anything.

So I get invited, along with Caleb and a whole host of friends and neighbors, to attend the historic ascension/coronation of some sort of holy emperor-king somewhere in the Far East. We all fly over and arrive on a Friday night. We're introduced at the palace, put up in sumptuous rooms, with sumptuous food, and then all go to a bed in a big room with no beds but giant pillows and things all over the floor.

Overnight, I keep waking up, but it's never morning yet so I go back to sleep. Eventually I hear other people stirring, but it's not everyone so I go back to sleep again. Finally I wake up and there's nobody there. I call out, but get no response. I stumble up and go looking. Turns out the ceremony started at 9 and it's now 3 and they're almost over. I am furious and go around to everyone demanding to know why nobody woke me up. "Oh, you wanted to sleep!" they all said. "But we came all the way here to see this!" I was so pissed.

So I wander off to at least get a look around the palace and go into a pool area where I'm not supposed to be. There I see the emperor-king in the water performing some sort of creepy ceremony/sacrifice with/to this Eastern demon. I get super scared but at the same time am now happy I missed the ceremony, if it's given birth to this horror.
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