November 12th, 2006

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Sorry, I can't help myself

Right now the NY Times is running a picture of Saddam Hussein on its homepage and under it is this story lead-in:

Could a New Strongman Help in Iraq?
Many ordinary Iraqis now crave a leader to end the country’s chaos, even at a cost to due process, human rights and democracy.

My thought? Send them Dubya! He could live out his dreams. If he doesn't get killed within the first five minutes!
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Light at the end of the tunnel

I feel like I'm finally pulling my sh*t together, after being discombulated for most of this year. The office is cleaned, my bills are paid, Inception is done, a web project that's dragged on since May is done, and almost every day I strike off at least one item off my To Do list. I was in quite a rut but I think (knock, knock, knock on that wood) I'm climbing out!

Today was a nice mix of accomplishment and leisure:
  • Read up to p. 100 in Strange Robby, the Outworlders' book group monthly selection.
  • Breakfast at Alon's with Caleb and Daniel.
  • Outworlders' book group meeting
  • Finished Inception and launched it online
  • Watched Alien v. Predator over at Caleb's
  • Nice ratatouille dinner by Caleb, followed by tea and chocolate
  • Entered receipts into financial software

There are still some major items I need to attend to, but the load on my shoulders is feeling so much more reasonable.
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