November 14th, 2006

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It's more funny than embarrassing

Today I put on a pair of orange tights that were slightly worn but OK. A couple hours into the workday, I noticed they felt kind of weird. I went to pull them up and discovered both inner thighs are somehow ripped and thus much inner thigh was popping through. "Oh, well..." I thought. Well, in the past couple of hours the rips have expanded so that the entire back of my thighs is just a big hole. This has happened before, last year in Munich, and once again I'm more amused than horrified. I've got a pretty long skirt on today, so not like anybody will *see* my thighs popping out! Meanwhile, these tights are going in the trash. Which is fine since I'll be in German in less than a month and can buy more :)
sideview, obamame_sideview

Downtown Pic of the Day

I've been posting for about a week now over on downtownatlanta. I know some people who read my journal like my pics, so here's a link to what I've done so far:

Wendy's Downtown Pics of the Day

I've been carrying my camera around with me a lot and have enough pics for at least the next two weeks. But I'll keep making more. I love recording the weird little details.