November 15th, 2006

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5 Pounds

Recently I've been feeling very frustrated about STILL not losing any weight (link to diet journal). In that spirit, suggestions for me if I would like to lose *just* five pounds. Time frame: about 2 weeks. I guess I would have to deal with Thanksgiving in the middle of that, but oh well. I just want to see if I *can* lose any weight. After six months, I'd think I would have!
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Today the market is full of four-year-olds. Literally. A local pre-school brought a couple dozen of them for some kind of field trip, to see the vegetables, fruit, meat market, etc. They're so well-behaved (thanks to very adept chaperones) it's impressive, but at the same time they're carrying on like kids and their little voices are brightening up the place. I can't help but smile. OMG, and now they're leaving and it's super cute because they're all holding each other like a big conga line, while at the same time struggling into raincoats. Aww.
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This happy ex-Methodist says...

At times like this I'm really, really glad I'm not, nor ever have been, Catholic:

Bishops stress sexual issues and warn on Communion
The Catholic bishops of the United States overwhelmingly approved new documents yesterday, exhorting Catholics to refrain from using artificial birth control, describing gay sex as immoral, and saying that anyone who disagrees with key church teachings should not take Communion.

A couple of years ago there was actually an article in my hometown paper about a long-time, active parishioner at St. Augustine's, the largest Catholic church in town, who was essentially told to shut up or leave, when it comes to "controversial" issues such as these.
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New web site

Finally the web site I created for my building / condo association is up!

Healey Building
Healey Building

A couple of my favorite parts: Flash slide show (created using a free tool) and picture gallery. My building is just so FINE!

Another one ticked off my list, another one I'll get paid for, too. (I don't do work for free, even for my condo association.) Now I just have to get the big transporation engineering one up and I will be able to devote all my time to editing and retooling the business for a while.