November 16th, 2006

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I have this overwhelming desire to watch Barbarella right now. Damn me for browsing IMDB before bed. Although maybe I'll dream about Duran Duran.
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YinYang Update

Well, YinYang is now at the vet waiting to get her bits snipped. Yup, today's the day! I brought her out this morning, which is a drag since the place is all the way over by North DeKalb Mall -- 11 miles driving, not sure how much by MARTA. I'll be picking her up today around 5. I presume she'll be groggy and need some special care for a few days, but after that she should make a full recovery and be her furry self again. And Abbie can quit hiding in her little cabin, afraid of being humped.

Kitty's Baby Toy

You know how a lot of kids, even teenagers and even some adults, have a toy from early childhood they keep around, like a little bunny toy or their first doll or something? Well, I swear Luckie has that same thing. She has this little stuffed octopus (see icon) I got her when she was just a tiny kitten and although she doesn't seem to play with it during the day or when I'm around, very often I'll find it in the morning, lying next to my bed or lying next to my head. When she was a kitten she used to drag it up to me when I was sleeping and toss it around in hopes I'd wake up and play with her. Now she seems to drag it out when she's getting bored and/or wants me to get up. It always makes me go "Aw."
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YinYang Update -- No More Pesky Ovaries!

Well, YinYang got spayed today, so no more ovaries and, vet says, no more cysts. He found a big cyst on her left ovary when he opened her up, so I was right and that was the problem. Now that the cysts and ovaries are gone, YinYang's fur should start growing back in short order and her mood will hopefully improve as well. That piggy has had such PMS! Right now I have her in a large box outside the cage so I can monitor her food, water and poops. She's still rather stunned from the day's events, but she's working up to eating and is moving around a bit. The vet gave me some once-daily pain medication, saying that guinea pigs "are wimps" when it comes to pain and this will help. She'll get a dose tonight before bed. Anyway, I'll update tomorrow, hopefully with a report of what her tummy looks like. I haven't seen her stitches or anything yet because I figure she's been poked enough today.
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Feeding My Coat Fetish

Since YinYang's vet is right by a mall with a Burlington Coat Factory in it, and I had 20 minutes before pick-up time, I ran in and was able to nab three pairs of nice gloves, all under $10, plus a beautiful winter jacket. I wasn't sure I'd be able to find something when I was in such a hurry, but I came across a quilted black velvet jacket that fits like a dream, was on sale, and seems warm to boot. I have a ton of long winter coats but no short ones that are actually warm, and I wanted something warm for my trips coming up. Quilted black velvet with stuffing inside ought to be warm!
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I want some cheese, bread, fruit, peanut butter...

Today I decided to see if I could go low calorie. Um, I guess I can, but ugh, it's difficult to resist the temptation to gnaw on my arm or take a bite of the cat or something. I think the main cure, at least if I continue with this for a week as I plan, is lots of water and tea. I also bought some gum so I can satisfy my oral fixation, he he.