November 20th, 2006

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Pre-Thanksgiving Market Madness

My job description this week? Part-time assistant to handle chitterlings orders. I've been here two hours and I've dealt with three online orders, answered 5-6 phone messages, and taken 3-4 phone calls. It'll be even worse the next two days, as the frenzy works up before Thanksgiving, and then I guess the orders roll in 'til Christmas.

I also had to deal with a meat order, which sucked because I had to go around to meat vendors and check if they had what the customer had requested. Which means looking at the meat. I don't like being in the regular meat department at a supermarket, much less a meat vendor offering specialties like pig ear, oxtail, smoked turkey gizzard, fatback, etc. Ew ew ew ew ew!

Meanwhile I guess by comparison the collard green madness is a healthy trend. I noticed one of the produce vendors had filled half his stand with just collards, probably 100 bunches at least. People regularly come in and take entire shopping carts worth of collards to the parking lot. Sweet potato sales are also huge. Over near another produce vendor, there's an enormous stack of boxes, probably a ton, just of Mississippi sweet potatoes. The vendors says they'll be gone by end of day Wednesday.

I've been helping the bakery deal with orders, too. They're famous for their sweet potato cheesecake and sweet potato pie (which I've pre-ordered myself) and are MOBBED right now. Here in the office we helped them by producing pre-order forms and judging from the refills they've asked for, they must have like 300 pre-orders for pies and cakes. Those people are going to be baking day and night!
sideview, obamame_sideview


I won the purple vinyl go-go boots on eBay and they just came in the mail. Of course I'm now wearing them... with the orange tights I happened to wear today. I feel like a super hero! I wonder if I can wear them tomorrow, with my silver raincoat? And what, the black and white gyroscope minidress? Possible, possible.

Meanwhile, boot money comes from sales of the Wraeththu picture book, which keeps my PayPal account in the black.