November 21st, 2006

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Bits and pieces

YinYang continues to make a speedy recovery. Today she was begging for food and got on her hind legs to get a treat. She hasn't actually wheeked out loud yet, but I'm sure she will soon.


I've managed to continue my low-calorie diet. Even though I feel a bit defeated by the fact this diet is empowered in part by SlimFast, it's working and since I still have to pick regular, healthy snacks and a meal a day, it's not like I'm not having regular food. And I get to drink a lot of coffee and tea, which keeps me full and warm, nice given the chilly weather.


Speaking of the weather, I'm delighted to report that the GOOD weather is here. Fall is my favorite season but winter is probably my second and it's fast approaching here. It's coat, glove and hat weather, lots of wind, and I'm feeling perkier and more alive by the day. I love walking around in the freezing cold, whereas I loathe walking around in the heat. Heat feels so unhealthy to me, blech. Meanwhile I've also come up with a good way of dealing with the practically non-stop whining that's started up about the weather, which is to say "Oh, I really like it!" This is less confrontational than "It's not cold," which I've used in the past. I mean, often it isn't cold when people around here are whining, but arguing over what constitutes cold is a lame way to spend time. So I just make it clear I like it and they can think I'm a weird Yankee chick if they like. Because they do already!


My purple boots are awesome. They have like three-inch chunk heels, so I'm 800-feet tall when I wear them. They're nice and stable, because the heels are blocks and the boots are form-fitting, with zippers running top to bottom. I can hardly wait to wear them out somewhere!


Saw Borat last night with the boys and we all were in hysterics, laughing for ages afterward. I certainly haven't seen anything that funny since the first time I saw the South Park movie. During the naked wrestling scene, I laughed so hard I thought I'd pulled a muscle and then finally I had to make myself stop laughing because I just didn't have the strength. Caleb was sitting in the seat in front of me and kept twisting half around or grab my hand and delight. I've never seen somebody writhe with delight at a movie as much as he did!


Luckie's gone into Winter Cuddle Mode. She goes under the covers with me at night and today she even did it during my nap. The rest of the time she curls up in little nests, like in a comforter I've left lying on the bedroom floor, or on the couch or amidst the covers on my bed. She's all cuddly and nice, too, now that she sees me as a heat source. She's got short hair and very little fat on her ;)


Tonight after my workout I went up to Publix and got some ingredients I'm going to need for the special stuffing I'm making for Thanksgiving. I saw it on "Emeril Live" and instantly my mouth watered. The main ingredients, besides the bread, are spinach, artichokes and brie. Can you say... YUM?
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Job as therapy

Considering my dislike/phobia of telephones, talking to unnkown retailers and doing direct customer service work, this is a helluva job for me to have. But it's really good for me, I guess.

*bites bullet*

Today I've:
- Delivered pre-orders that've come through the web site.
- Taken phone orders.
- Returned phone calls left on voice mail.
- Answered phone calls about chitterlings.
- Dealt with people at the customer service window.
- Dealt with cop hired on for traffic help.
- Ordered various industrial cleaning supplies.

It is SO busy here!