November 22nd, 2006

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Whoah, a thoughtful art review!

I took a really detailed course in art criticism in college (i.e. how to write reviews), as part of my so-called journalistic training, and given what I was taught, I usually find a lot of art criticism to bullshit. A lot of reviews seem to be about everything BUT the art and what the reviewer thinks of it, but instead go off just desribing the art, promoting the show, going on about the gallery, or are just a place for a review to show off his/her vocabulary and ego. Anyway, reading this piece from the NY Times, I found a review that actually, well, talks about art!

At the End of a Day in London, an Epiphany

Overall, the whole thing makes me want to go hang out at either Mass MoCA or the Boston MFA, not sure which. They're both in the same state, but like four hours apart, and one is wacko modern stuff (which I love) and the other is, well, everything.
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Temptation in the air

The bakery here is swamped with orders and is cranking out goodies like a factory. The entire market smells like cake and it's driving me nuts even here in the office. All I can think about is cake. Meanwhile I have a sweet potato pie on pre-order and I'm going to have to work hard not to open up the box and just stare at it. I don't want to drool on it before it's time to eat it at tomorrow's meal!

UPDATE: Shortly after I posted this, the coffee place across from the office put in a huge batch of coffee to roast (they roast their own). So I got hit with roasting coffee smell! I got up and got a cappucino because at least I can have that!
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