November 24th, 2006

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Thanksgiving, Fabulous Stuffing Recipe

Well, I'm still high on turkey chemicals and drunk on rum and cokes right now but hey, being out of it never stopped me before, did it?

Thanksgiving was nice. I slept late, watched five hours of the "Dr. G.: Medical Examiner" marathon on Discover Healthy (hey, everybody knows autopsies are SUCH the perfect accompany to cooking and/or eating), made a reallllly good dish of gourmet stuffing, then went over to our neighbor Tony & Maria's place to enjoy the annual Orphans' Thanksgiving with various neighbors, had yummy rum and cokes, ate good food, sang songs from The Muppet Movie, traded weird and/or kinky anectdotes, and played a silly game that Caleb was good at because he's so psychic. I also showed off my legs, which I had in these nice black thigh-high fishnets. There were like five big dishes full of stuffing (or dressing, as they call it here) and I noticed my stuffing was the one that got completely gobbled up, i.e. it rocked. Caleb liked it so much he says I should make it outside of Thanksgiving. Caleb and I left together so we could offer Luckie a turkey bone, which she's still circling and making her "meat face" at. She'll stalk it tonight and attack it sometime in the middle of the night when she doesn't think it's looking.

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Post Turky Day Thoughts

This day after Thanksgiving was not a day of major accomplishment -- surprise, surprise!

In the morning the boys and I went to Alon's -- with me wearing a really trashy outfit including purple boots -- and had breakfast together, then poked our heads' into Best Buy, without buying anything, but with some of us dropping hints about what we'd like for Christmas. After a quick stop at Petco for some vital supplies, we went back home and went about our separate affairs. The whole shoping on "Black Friday" is such bull to me, especially when I'll be able to do all my shopping in Germany.

The boys went to Atlantic Station while I did some laundry and then went to the gym. Afterward invited Daniel and I over for dinner and yay, good food, and then we helped Caleb deck his place out for Christmas, including putting up his rather hideously tacky fake tree. After a while, I went home and watched a new episode of "Dr. G," because obviously seeing five episodes of it yesterda just wasn't enough. I also called Kristina, who had left a message on my phone earlier. I was envious of her because she was getting to watch an on-demand Star Trek porn on cable. Awww, man!

I've had a few things on my mind lately, kind of bothering me but on simmer, rather than panic:

- Still no freakin' health insurance. I have to call stupid BCBS again.
- Need to figure out and/or make happen my income for the new year.
- Need to get organized in my grad school application, GRE crap, etc.
- Still need to file everything I sorted out from cleaning my office.
- Worried about crashing out every day after work. Seems excessive.
- Pretty sure my depression is affecting me again, maybe drugs have worn off a bit.

None of this alone is a giant horrible axe over my head, but I do feel like I'm holding too many bags of groceries while walking on thin, slippery ice. Ack.