November 26th, 2006

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Wish List

Well, it's that time of year, so FYI, here's the wish list I'm sending out to my family and friends. Some of you will be getting cards from me :)

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In my family we all send out our lists by email about a month before Christmas because we're all spread out and not all of us talk to one another on the phone, not because we hate each other but because we just don't talk on the phone. I also remind people of my Amazon wish list, which usually prompts somebody to get something really obscure that I've had on the list forever but still haven't bought. Works out well!

I Dreamt My Whole House Was Clean!

I got the title for this post from a coffeecup I have. Actually my mom has the same one, since she saw mine on her last visit here and said, "That's me!" Because it really IS a dream for me. If I keep any one room clean, some other room will plummet to the depths of disorder, and if I clean the messy room, the clean one will get messy. If the whole house is clean (which it is now... whoah), I usually manage to keep it that way for about a week, and then the balance shifts back to one room messy. I need somewhere to be messy and lazy!

Anyway... cleaned out the bedroom and master bath, neither of which have been picked up or tended in any way since a bit before Halloween. So sad. There were TWELVE pairs of footwear on the floor and I wound up doing six or seven loads of laundry to handle all the dirty sheets, blankets, towels, clothes and tights I found. There were meanwhile about a dozen loads of clean laundry, including ten coats, and it took me over an hour to put it all away in the closets. I filled up an entire large trashbag just from the bedroom and found all kinds of stuff I'd been missing. Just so, so sad.

I'm going to be so disorientated when I wake up tomorrow to a clean bedroom. This morning I got up and discovered the sea of mess had come right up to the bed and I had to escape from the footboard end of the bed, since I was blocked on the sides.

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