November 29th, 2006

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Buttoning Up

I've been on an eBay kick all Fall, mostly because my PayPal account, unlike my actual bank account, has money in it that's perfect for non-essential purposes. Anyway, one thing I went and bid on last week was a bunch of sets of buttons. I had come to realize that four or five of my coats and jackets had missing buttons, to the point where I couldn't wear them. It took me a while to figure out the sizes and numbers I'd need, plus I had to search a lot of listings, but I found buttons for everything. So far I've...

- Sewn these black and rhinestone buttons to my silver (literally, shiny silver) raincoat. It is so damn glam now.

- Sewn these corduroy buttons onto my 13-year-old (gasp!) black trenchcoat. The original buttons had got sunbleached or something, going from black to red, and several had cracked in half. I put on the new buttons tonight and also fixed a tear on one of the arms, so now it's like a new coat to me.

- Won these pretty Czech glass buttons, which I'll put on that early 60s coat I got from my mom. One of the buttons popped off last winter and I couldn't find it. It was hard to find the right buttons since the coat is so retro, but these should work.

- Won these two-hole white buttons to put on Mom's old blue trenchcoat. What was weird was how HARD it was to find 1-inch white buttons. I mean, huh?

- Won a one-pound bag of large vintage buttons. I'm going to put 10 unmatched ones on that black PVC-garbage-bag-like raincoat I got in London, then find creative things to do with the rest. They look like they'll be so pretty, I may replace buttons on other coats of mine. I have a LOT of coats, after all.

Restless Nights

For the third or fourth night in a row, I woke up in the middle of the night (this time, 4 a.m.) feeling totally restless and clear-headed. Very odd. I drank some water from the caraffe by my bed, propped myself up into a sitting position, and somehow fell asleep sort of sitting up. I don't think I actually *need* to sit up, but with me, if I can't sleep, any major change in position (putting my head where my feet normally are, moving to the couch, etc.) will do it. Meanwhile Luckie was there on the pillow by my head almost all night, now that it's winter and she wants to be warm, and stared at my every movement like, "What the hell?" As if cats don't get up and rearrange themselves every fifteen minutes when they're napping.
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Feeling Better

Feeling much better today. In fact I kind of want to use this good mood and energy spurt to go out somewhere and do something, only I have no idea what. I can't think of any errands that really require me to leave my neighborhood, I shouldn't be leisure shopping, I shouldn't be getting fancy lunch or pastries either.

Something leisurely and free? Hmmm. Maybe I can go to Piedmont Park. I absolutely never go there on my own, only sometimes with Caleb. It's pretty warm out, so I could go there and read or write in a notebook or something. I could also get a burrito at Willy's, which is right there. Me, going out to a park just to go? Not much like me, but okay, I might do it.
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Oh joy!

So I come home today and flip on the TV while I eat a sandwich. What's on but... BARBARELLA! (On the Oxygen network, because... well, it has babelicious Jane Fonda in it?)

Man, I love that movie and I was just wishing last week that I could see it again. It's like Fellini meets Monty Python. And among my favorite scenes: Barbarella being attacked by parakeets! WTF?! As for the costumes, I totally could do a Barbarella outfit, all I need is the right wig.

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Great it's on, too, since it's wet out and not a good day to go to the park after all.
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