December 1st, 2006


My Little Shadow

Luckie has a fascination with mundane human rituals. No doubt it's just an extension of her obsession with me in general; she's very dog-like in focusing on me as the center of the universe. She's so funny when she watches me go through my daily routines. She always has to come watch me eat and drink, inspect the dishes if she can. She often stares at me from across the room when I cook. She stares at me when I get dressed or undressed, especially when I put on or take off my shoes, which she nuzzles. She usually follows me into the bathroom no matter what I'm doing there. She comes up to me when I'm on the toilet and wants to look in the bowl. Her favorite thing, though, is getting in the middle of me brushing my teeth. She totally fixated on it and I swear she comes to me and starts whining for me to do it when it starts to get late. She runs to the bathroom counter so she can watch me floss, brush and rinse. She demands to smell the toothpaste and the fluoride rinse and watches everything go down the drain. If I were OCD and brushed five times a day, she's be so happy! Anyway, she's just told me to go to bed and I think it's a good idea.

Luckie, the Girl Cat

Luckie is playing with a Barbie. And not just any Barbie, but a Marie Osmond one from the 70s. I took her (and Donny) out last night and now Luckie has her and it wrestling with her, dragging her around by the hair, spinning by her skirt, etc. I so gotta get a video, because I've never heard of cats playing with dolls.
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Insurance update

A rep. from BCBS just called me and apparently they have finally approved me and as of yesterday I have health insurance again. Yay! This month is probably going to be too busy for me to make any doctor's appointments, but come January, oh, yeah...
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AIDS Story on NPR

Caught the end of this report this morning:

On World AIDS Day, Awareness, Testing a Priority

One of the people interviewed talks about how it used to be that in certain areas, you could look on the sidewalks and shops and the face of AIDS would be obviously -- weight loss, skin lesions, etc. Now because of the proliferation of drugs that control the symptoms, help the immune system, etc., AIDS has become (at least on the surface) far less visible.
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Monster Peeve

I've given this post the subject "Monster Peeve" because it's about something that can hardly be called a pet peeve, because it's something so heinous, that bothers me so much, I cannot possibly use the word "pet" in any way to describe it. What is it? Well, it's stepping on a bus (far less often a subway car) with somebody who smells so bad that you have to put your hand over your mouth to keep from vomiting. Somebody whose odor makes your eyes water. I'm talking a reek so bad it makes you wish for scuba gear so you could breathe air from a tank! Meanwhile you are stuck on the bus with the stink because why should you walk two miles just because the health/support/care system in this country is so bad that people who obviously can't care for themselves are roaming around stinking up buses! Argh!

I encountered today's offendor on a trip on the 110 bus. I got on at Piedmont Hospital, set to ride it all the way Downtown, I guess 2-3 miles. I swear I almost got off or switched to the train, the woman was such a stinker. And she was crazy too, spouting off lunatic stuff that was crazy even for a crazy person because she was white talking about how she was black and white people are evil, which made the 90%-black busload of people go "WTF?" She smelled like she had taken a bath in urine for like a week and then wiped herself off with urine-soaked towels. She was furthermore right at the front of the bus so her odor spread throughout the bus, gusting in each time the driver opened the door. At first I was 3-4 rows from her and it was totally disgusting, but even when I grabbed the chance to sit at the back of the bus, next to an open window, the STANK was still making me ill. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

I've gone through at least least a dozen other major incidents of this, most of which I remember in detail because the smells were so nauseating it was just incredible. Like the time on the 23 I sat behind "Dirt Man," this guy who I swear looked and smelled like he had just dug himself out of a grave. He had DIRT caked all over him! Then there was the guy on the 13 who emanating the worse fart smell EVER, so bad Caleb and I hid in the back of the bus, where a little girl kept asking her mama what the stank was. One of the grossest was this guy on the 3 who not only stank, but was incontinent and actually left a load on the floor. Oh, and for subway encounters, the guy with the toilet paper hanging out of his buttcrack was probably the bottom of the barrel...

I guess this is where the PUBLIC comes into public transportation.

*chews gum, desperate to get pee smell out of nostrils*
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Music Meme: 1992

1. Go to, and find the greatest hits for the year you turned 18 (on the left-hand side)
2. Select the first 50
3. Bold the ones you like
4. Strike out the ones you hate
5. Italicize the ones you are familiar with but neither like nor hate
6 Leave the ones you don't know as is

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God, what an embarrassing year to have to look at! There's a REASON I avoided pop music in high school and listened to albums from previous decades, although there are some artists I didn't ever listen to at the time (Nirvana) that I got into a few years later.
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My stalker

Depression has been dogging me all day and is in the room with me right now, but I'm just ignoring it. The neighborhood holiday party is tonight, catered with live music and free drinks even, and I'm getting dressed up. Depression can follow me there but I will just elbow it if it gets too close. And then I will lie on the couch and feel sorry for myself.


Luckie is giving the window in my office a tonguebath. And, yes, drinking off all the condensation and using it to wash her paws as well.

*lick, lick, lick*