December 2nd, 2006

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Depression, Weight, and Thryoid Info

I think I may have discovered some important info that would explain some of my mental & physical health problems and/or frustrations with losing weight.

1) I've been frustrated with the fact I can't seem to lose any weight. Well, I just found support saying long-term used of SSRIs (antidepressants like the Prozac I'm on) have been linked to weight gain. Nobody knows why.

2) Very interesting as far as my dizzy spells go:

"Patients using SSRIs often report symptoms of hypoglycemia (weakness, dizziness, frequent hunger, and headaches) when they do not eat. Symptoms of hypoglycemia may indicate hyperinsulinemia (elevation of insulin in the blood)."

This is TOTALLY what happens to me!

3) There is also a strong relationship/overlap between depression and thyroid disorders. I've had the basic thyroid tests run on me 2-3 times because one of my sisters has a severe thyroid problem, and even though I've come up pretty much normal, I still wonder if I have a problem with that. It would explain the fatique and weight issues.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can find further information on this and it's something I'd like to bring up with my doctor.

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P.S. Got a headache right now. Joy.