December 3rd, 2006

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Just when you think plain, old non-electronic fun and games are dead, I just stayed up past 2 at Outworlders Game Night playing CHARADES! I think I got in the game around 10 and yes, we played 'til past 2. There were some really challenging words people threw in the pot, some of which I had to do and some of which I somehow guessed. I had to do both "onomaetopaia" and "Cassiopaia" but in fact they *did* get it! I guessed "Titus Andronicus" -- one of Bill's. Lots of fun.

In Lieu of Vogue for Cats...

I'm really proud of all the nice pictures I've taken of Luckie, although in truth I can't take all the credit because she is just so good at staying still and of course she was born gorgeous. Anyway, this past week I took a few sets of her which turned out spectacular, I think anyway. Trying to select the cream of the crop, I offer...

This is my new desktop background (where she shows up larger than RL.)

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