December 6th, 2006

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Just about to leave...

With just a few hours before I jet off to Germany -- yay, yay, yay, YAY! -- a few updates:
  • FINALLY reached the City's webmaster, who I've been trying to reach for days now. Although I'm really annoyed he didn't return my calls or emails, the conversation we had was short and sweet ("Take the site down for now, it's not ready for prime time") and had resolution, so it's all good. He has no problem with my design, but with the fact the marketing team basically gave me nothing, at least not anything actually finalized or approved, to create the site with, so I've got a logo, text, etc., that really aren't the final versions. So the site is now down, with a "Coming Soon" message, and we'll deal with that once I'm back in town.

  • Just scheduled a hair appt. for just before Christmas. The hair has grown out into a nice approximation of a bob and some strategic chopping will create a real bob with perfect points and everything. I wanted to have it grown out for the holidays and the timing worked.

  • Luckie seems to have caught on to the fact I'm leaving. She keeps tearing around the house, meowing mournfully and jumping on top of my suitcase, scratching it and trying to open it up, so maybe she can get in?

  • Just put in an estimate for redoing the web site for the marketing group I'm working with on the green space project. Their current site is pretty good but they're not happy with it and I can see some issues. Actually they had me submit a site critique with my estimate and I think I pointed out several areas that need improvement, while being positive about other areas.

  • It's supposed to be really cold here in Atlanta the next few days, below freezing. Meanwhile it'll be about 20 degrees warmer in Munich. The forecast is for rain but eh, that's fine. I think I'd rather rain that the freezing weather we had last year when we visited. I like the cold, but when I'm going outside-inside-outside-inside for shopping, I tend to develop prickly heat / heat rash on my legs, and that just sucks.

  • We're flying on Delta instead of Lufthansa, and I have my doubts. The couple of times I've flown U.S. carriers overseas, the experience was pretty mediocre. However, Delta has direct flights to Munich and it was apparently cheaper and more convendient for this trip, so we're trying it out. As long as it's better than Continental, which I once used for a trip to England and sucked.

  • Stuff I plan on stocking up on Germany: fashion tights (duh), German language magazines and books, Christmas presents (mainly toys, cookies and candy), and those little artificial sweetener drops that come in dispensers.

And away we go!