December 8th, 2006

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Hi from Munich

Happy to report that Caleb and I have made it to Germany. Actually we made it here about 24 hours ago, but between jet lag, fatigue, and this cold-allergy-whatever, I was too out of it to post here saying so. Amazingly, however, I managed to sleep pretty well overnight, despite my nose being pretty well plugged up, and now that I'm rested I should be more with it.

The flight over was non-eventful. Delta wasn't nearly as nice as Lufthansa or BA or anything, but it was better than I expected (Continental). As usual I didn't sleep at all except about five minutes when I drifted off. Oh well. At least it was quiet around us and I didn't get the restless legs thing. Finally we landed and after a pause for some food at the airport, we got the train here to Martina's. When we arrived at her flat, she was just coming back from a grocery trip. We had breakfast and finally after a while, took naps. I dreamt about Martina's little cat Lucifer. Once we were up, Caleb and I went out for a shopping trip just in the neighborhood while Martina worked at some translation stuff. Of course we went to a bakery, a drug store, and a supermarket. After that we watched a pirated DVD of Bollywood videos. I got antsy after a while and we went out for a walk again, this time up the river (the Isar). Back here, Martina made a delicious red pepper pasta and she and I had some red wine. We needed a non-serious movie to watch, so we grabbed The Mummy, which is about as non-serious as you can get without being an actual comedy. Caleb and I had trouble staying awake to the end but we managed.

Now we're about to do something about breakfast. Bye!