December 10th, 2006

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Hallo wieder aus Deutschland

Yes, I'm still alive, just have not really had a chance to log in to the good ol' Internet lately. Still in Munich, still trying to type on this German keyboard with the Z where the Y should be...

The last couple of days have been filled with lots of walking, coffee, riding on subways and trams, shopping, cookies, and at night, movies. Martina has a sizable movie collection and every night we've seen something different -- The Mummy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Starship Surprise, and tonight, V for Vendetta. For the tourist stuff, Caleb and I went to the Deutsches Museum yesterday and the English Garden the day before, but other than that we've made out own way. We went to a modern 'new town,' a cemetery, a couple of churches, and lots of Christmas markets (everywhere). It's been fun, although yesterday I got really depressed and had some angst/anxiety attacks :(

Anyway, today Martina's friend Michelle came over with a wonderful eggnog & chocolate marble cake she made and after the movie, Martina made this delicious 'Japanese curry,' with fake meat and pumpkin. Mmmmm. A nice send-off, since soon Caleb and I will be shuffling off to spend our last two nights at a hotel. It's the same chain we stayed at in Frankfurt last year, with the giant all-glass shower. We just really had a hankering for that again!

I may be able to post more again soon, maybe not, so until then, bye...