December 12th, 2006

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Made it back!

Yes, U.S. Customs allowed me back in, and even made it not too difficult today, which is great since I didn't feel like dealing with the slightest delay. As usual, jetlag has brought on a headache, which is worse because alas, the cold I developed right before leaving never went away and I was sick the whole trip with stuffed up nose, cough, chest congestion, etc. Not that I let that stop me, though; I just blew my nose a lot and kept on going :) Highlights of the trip, BTW, were yakalskovich's hospitality, the Munich transit system, German department stores, Christmas markets, modern architecture, and last night's evening at a Greek taverna, which had all-you-can-drink wine for 5 euro and excellent food and music, too! I'll post details and tons of pictures later, I promise, but for right now I need to give lovings to Luckie here and take a shower.

P.S. A bit after making this post, I went and did a voice post about Luckie (who took 15 minutes to "remember" who I was when I got home), but it looks like LJ ate it. Oh, well. She's coming back to herself presently, so hey.