December 13th, 2006


Germany - Thursday and Friday

As promised, here's my accounting, or at least part one! Usually when I do my vacation posts, I do the commentary and pictures separately. This time, however, I'm going to mix it up and do commentary with bursts of pictures to illustrate the adventures I'm describing. And since Caleb and I did so much adventuring, and took so many pictures, I'm going to do it in 3 or 4 posts.

But anyway, away we go!

View from a bakery window, with a little snowflake ornament to set the season.

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I'm going to go freshen up and run some errands now, but later on I'll post further adventures and pics, including the Deutsches Museum, a cemetery in Haidhausen and more.

This and that

Just went to CVS and stocked up on cold supplies: tissues, non-drowsy nasal decongestant, lemonade (good hot), Gatorade, and chicken noodle soup. If I'm going to stay at home all day, I may as well pamper myself.

Gave bags of lebkucken (German cookies) to Al and Cliff at Brite Creations downstairs. They're always kidding about "Where's my present?" so this time I got them one.

Luckie has been super clingy, ever since she got over being mad. She keeps coming up to me, about every 10 minutes, begging for attention. She cannot get enough love!

Germany - Saturday and Sunday

Now that I've taken care of a few errands and the cold medication seems to be working, here's more from our trip. First off, Saturday morning:

Now moving on, with commentary and pictures for Saturday and Sunday, including a trip to the Deutsches Museum, a haunted Catholic orphanage and a cemetery in Haidhausen.

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Pictures from Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday are forthcoming, probably tonight.
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*cough cough cough*

Whatever cold is stuck in my craw is really stuck there. The decongestant I got worked well, but then a couple of hours ago I started coughing again. I don't know what I'm coughing, since there's no snot anymore, but my lungs are all irritated. So it's cough cough cough COUGH ughghghghgh. And to top it all, Caleb and Daniel came over and for some reason I was all bitchy. Just overly sensitive and coughy I guess.

On the up side, a neighbor of mine just gave me lead on a job that sounds great, excellent employer. I am not exactly looking for a job but if I happen to find the right one I would consider it. I won't say more until things get further along.

P.S. Why did LJ change the posting screen. What was wrong with the old one? I especially hate "Post to" and "Userpic" being at the top of the page. WHY?!