December 15th, 2006

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Wacky sleep, wacky dreams

So last night I pretty much collapsed around 10:30. I was sitting here doing something and jetlag hit me so hard I just walked over to the bed, took my fuzzy slippers and bathrobe off, and fell asleep with all my clothes on. I didn't bother with pulling down the shades or anything, because I knew it wouldn't matter. Later on I woke up and did get out of my clothes and did pull down the blind by my bed. I wouldn't have even woken up except my head got so clogged up I couldn't breathe and had to get up and blow my nose. I woke up 3-4 times to do that, in fact. In the morning when I finally got up, I felt like I'd been hit my a bus or something. This cold / sinus infection is so bad in the morning. By the end of yesterday I was feeling pretty much normal, like the thing was magically gone, but it's apparently not gone and partying hard every night when I close my eyes. Lovely!

Meanwhile I had extremely weird dreams -- weird even for me.

One part of a dream involved Caleb, Daniel and I going through a huge palace in England on a kind of ghost hunt / investigation of the paranormal. The building was the site of some strange ghost and/or interdimensional portal type activity and we were checking it out. It was really creepy. At one point we discovered this huge gothic stairway and when I went out on this balcony to see the view, I got dizzy and passed out because it was halfway into some other dimension.

Another part of the dream was about the downtown business district of my hometown, Andover, Mass. For some sort of special event, all the business had massively expanded their inventories and brought in a lot of actually really cool artwork, cool handmades you'd find at fairs or festivals, neat clothes, etc. They were running some sort of special for a week or two. Meanwhile all the townsfolk were going around saying, "OMG, the shops are selling stuff we actually WANT. Wait, why can't they do this all the time?" The teenagers were especially keen on this point. The shopkeepers were all sulking, however, saying that the town wasn't the same anymore and they didn't want to be like a college town, they wanted to stay frumpy forever.

The last thing I dreamt involved me trying to give myself a haircut. It was one of those things where I cut and cut but the hair kept getting longer. I also took out part of my scalp for some reason, but it didn't hurt and I was thinking it would be a way to thin out my hair. Never did get the haircut done. Thankfully in RL I have a haircut set for next Wednesday.
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When shoes call it quits

So I'm walking around here in the office when I stumble on something. Looking down, I realize I've stumbled on my own shoe! I'm wearing my beloved chunk-heeled, sort of platform-y Mary Janes and apparently the glue on the whole front of the left shoe let loose. It's about an inch thick and five inches long. I can't really walk home with it flopping around, so I've wrapped 4-5 thick rubber bands around it to keep it attached. I guess some sort of super glue will take care of it. Meanwhile I guess my shoe looks rather industrial. If it wouldn't leave marks, I'd add duct tape.

I guess I'm very lucky the shoes have lasted as long as they have, as they must be 5-6 years old and I've walked through a lot of puddles and rain in them. I have three other pairs of Mary Janes, two more "ergonomic" and another very shiny but with a tendency to cut into my feet, so I think these are worth fixing.
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So far today, the rest of today

So far today I've:
- Had a nice breakfast while listening to NPR, including that news about breast cancer
- Deposited a large client check
- Worked 4 1/2 hours at the market (including "work" like distributing candy baskets)
- Had a yummy lunch at DiRienzo's
- Gone shopping at CVS for glue for my shoes, plus some assorted presents

Rest of the day looks like me:
- Dyeing my hair with the color I bought in Munich done!
- Making gingerbread loaf and muffins for Festivus done!
- Wrapping up my gift for Festivus done!
- Some type of dinner (Slice?) Why bother, I'll eat at Festivus
- Festivus party @ Susan's

Not a bad day!
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Elfin Wiebke

The only way I qualify as "elfin" is in the context of this:

Elf Yourself: Wendy!*

And, yes, there's even an audio message from yours truly. And the virtual elf dances a lot like I do in RL. Scary!

* One of the most sophistated free interactive fun tools I've ever seen, BTW.)
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Oveheard Atlanta

"The other day, man, I had these boogers in my nose, man..."

- Man to companion, walking down sidewalk on Forsyth St.

I *almost* turned around to follow him and hear the rest of the story.
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Hair makes me happy

Ah, the joy of a perfect dye job. This Schwartzkopf brand "Brokat Rot" I got is perfect. It's a nice bright red that's actually in the natural range and not freakily fire-enginey red. It really looks nice, and once I have my hair trimmed next week into a full bob, it'll be super sparkly extra cute.

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