December 16th, 2006

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I love a good mail day

I just went to pick up my mail and to my surprise, all my held mail, which should have been delivered Wednesday, was suddenly there.

Among the goodies that arrived:

- 2 packets of licorice coffee (one my XMas gifts for Mom)
- Check for my work on my buiding's web site (yay, money)
- My BCBS insurace card (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)
- First premium for BCBS (good b/c only $15, I paid 3 months ago as a "deposit")
- Numerous XMas cards
- Some kind of credit on my electric bill
- $20 worth of stamps I ordered from USPS that I had feared lost in the mail
- IRA statement w/earnings of $800 last month (has earned like $5000 in 2 years, to my amazement)

There really were hardly any bills. Which is great news!
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Voice Post: Raspy vs. Voicemail Lady

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“Some combo of alcohol, holiday treats, sinus infection, and talking too long, too loudly, has ripped my voice to shreds. At least my regular voice, I mean. If I want to talk without sounding screechy and/or raspy, I can talk in my voicemail lady voice. Which I may have to to keep people screaming from me ("Aaaah, you sound like fingernails on a chalkboard!")”

Transcribed by: wiebke

More Pictures....

I've got video to post later (and yes, I still have to post about the last 2 days in Germany) but for now, some stills of Luckie, the overly photographed cat :)

The birdcage is Luckie's favorite morning perch. Poor Pell is like, "Um... scuse me!"

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Dead and Deader, LOL and LOLer

This week Sci Fi Original Movie, Dead and Deader, is a baaaad zombie movie with some memorably absurd lines, which make it more memorable than it deserves to be. A few choice ones I wrote down just in the first hour:

Zombie Hero: Do you have any red meat? RED MEAT!

Supporting Black Comic Relief: There are so many guns, I feel like I'm in New Jack City.

Supporting Black Comic Relief: [Talking about opening a pirate-themed restaurant] It'll be called Pirate's Booty and the food will be booty-licious. And I'll be Pirate Blackbeard.
White Zombie Hero: But you don't have a beard, just that peach fuzz stuff.
Supporting Black Comic Relief: But I'm black and there's some hair there!

Supporting Black Comic Relief: Ever since I met you, my life has turned into the "Thriller" video!

Big Haired Neighbor: Are you guys all in a band or do you just have really bad taste?

Big Haired Neighbor: My husband left me for a Brazilian pool boy. I haven't made love to a man in three years.

Funeral Director (head banging while he preps a body): Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you. I just downloaded some killer Black Sabbath.
Hero Chick: Sabbath rocks!
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Made a bunch of videos this morning, including the one above and these below. Links go to MySpace:

Cat on Bird
Luckie sunning herself on the bird cage, then getting lovin'.

Camera Straps Are For Cats
Luckie going after the camera.

It's All About the Strap
She's going to KILL that strap!

Guinea Pigs: Eating Machines
Piggies in a feeding frenzy.

I have a few more but another day I guess. I've uploaded them to MySpace, along with some others I put up a couple of weeks ago. Check out my profile and you can see more.