December 17th, 2006

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Wine Question

Got one of those "Is this normal?" type questions:

When you go to take a sip of wine, and when you're drinking it, is it normal to feel like the wine is producing a sort of vapour that robs you of your breath, e.g. causes shortness of breath? Also, is it normal for wine (good or bad) to cause coughing fits that don't have anything to do with choking?

I ask because while I drink wine, with certain ones, like the red I was drinking earlier tonight, I will start sputtering even before I drink it, just from smelling it. As I drink it, the sputtering, coughing and shortness of breath gets worse. It's not that I don't like the wine, it's like my respiratory system is having a fit over it. (In fact I wound up using my inhaler, which I use only a few times a year, to get over it.) While it's true I still have this lingering cold, I don't think the cold had much to do with the coughing.

Caleb, who realized he has a wine allergy several years ago (he gets dizzy and feels weird, and not in a drunken way), was going on tonight about how I shouldn't drink the wine I had tonight if it does that and should be more careful about wine. Now I had that Greek wine (a lot of it!) last week in Germany and was fine, so I think it has to do with something in certain wine. With some it's just the feeling that I'm not getting enough air, but with reds often I'll start coughing.

Just wondering!
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Aside from the whole wine-triggered-mega-coughing fit I had tonightk, today was great!

Woke up at 8, as I'd told myself I would, and managed to get myself out of bed pretty quickly and before 9 I was out the door on a walk around Centennial Park. Back home, I wrapped most of my presents for Caleb and Daiel, then at 11 brought them over to Caleb's, since he had mad a special German breakfast for us. This included fresh-baked German brotchen and appropriate toppings, cappuchinos, and pastries.

Afterward I went home and began work on Christmas project and then Daniel called me so we could coordinate a shopping trip to Little Five Points. It ended up with me biking there and Daniel taking his bike on the train to Inman Park and biking from there. Anyway, we wound up shopping together, Daniel wrestling with what to get Caleb and me finding all sorts of presents, some tights (at German prices!) and then groceries at Sevananda, the natural foods coop.

Once I got overloaded with stuff I biked home, where I finished my project and got dinner together -- a mock chicken and pumpkin curry inspired by what Martina made for us last week, plus a recipe I got from Epicurious. I invited the boys over for it and it turned out delicious, mostly I think due to the can of coconut milk in it. I always love curries with coconut. After dinner we wound up watching a National Geographic special on Da Vinci Code / Mary Magdalene / Fathers of Sion type stuff, then this TLC show about this really cool conjoined twins in Minnesota. They were the most normal teens, thanks to their family's pragmatic, sane attitude.

Now I'm here still coughing a bit from the wine and/or whatever illness I still have. My nose is less stuffy than it was earlier this week but at night I seem to be coughing a lot. In the morning I wake up and cough and cough. Going to cough up a lung one day!
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*cough cough cough*

This is the stupidest cough. I'm not even coughing UP anything, I'm just coughing. My lungs have stopped being all irritated and sore now that I'm back on Singulair, but meanwhile that cold or sinus infection or whatever has made them really *ticklish* or something. If I take a deep breath or talk loudly or move a certain way, it causes this tickle kind of like I'm going to sneeze, only I cough. And cough. And cough.

I swear, my lungs have given me more trouble healthwise than just about anything (competitors being my ovaries and whatever regulates seratonin). I had awful pneumonia in high school, burning/shortness of breath for years, several bouts of bronchitis in college, and worsening allergies. Singulair has improved things a lot, letting me breathe normally, but ack, sometimes things just go wrong.
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