December 20th, 2006

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Nagging Cold... Or Whatever

Well, still got a cough that starts at 9 or 10 p.m. Still clogging up at night and waking up with a need for quality time with some tissues. And coughing up nasty stuff. During the day, things clear up nicely, so no complaints there. But at night, there are snot gremlins at work! This has gone on for over two weeks, so it's a mighty strong cold. For a bit I thought it was a sinus infection but now I'm not so sure, because I don't have a headache or pressure in my head. Damn gremlins.
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I feel like I'm in a shampoo ad!

Went in for a trim on my hair today, to get it closer to a true bob, and I LOVE what my stylist did. I had her make the back really short, then she shaped into the cutest "commas." And it's so f'in bright red, even more so than before. It looks so good, three stylists in the salon were like "Whoah, Lori, that looks fantastic!" Then afterward, on a walk up to Caleb's office, I had two people comments on it. It's so damn cute. I know, pictures, pictures, but right now I'm getting ready to go out for dinner and do the Christmas gift exchange with the boys. Pictures later!
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ROFL -- Ganked from dragoncon

Somebody made a Random Sci Fi Channel Movie Generator! And OMG, it's so realistic.




A genetically altered mutant alligator in an isolated small town in the woods is eating people!

Can our group of misfit heroes stop it with enough explosives before a psychotic prison guard gets their hands on it?!!?

In a completely unexpected and amazing twist that absolutely NO ONE will see coming, it turns out the mad scientist works for the psychotic prison guard!!!!!!

And to fill out another half hour of airtime, there's a subplot involving a human/alligator crossbreed.

And for the women, there's also a romance between the hot female scientist and the mad scientist.


Starring: Dean Cain as the ambiguously gay black man!!!*

* a hot (but brilliant) female (and did I say hot?) scientist (played by Natassia Malthe)**
* a mad scientist
* a rogue zoologist

* the biggest name actor we could get for our budget of $150.00
** the hottest actress we could find; talent optional

...Although you have to admit, titles like Mansquito and Frankenfish can't be computer-generated, but require sheer demented genius.
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XMas and Cat Fun

Another Christmas gift exchange, another meeting of the cats.

The gift exchange went great. My favorite gift was the huge bottle of imported Amaretto Caleb got me. That's one beautiful bottle of liquor. The funninest gift was actually several gifts; I got Caleb a super-cheezy $1 SF movie and Daniel a super cheezy $1 version of Heidi. Meanwhile Daniel had bought me both these cheezy movies, as apparently we were both attracted by the same display at Target. Caleb was very excited by the big gift Daniel got him -- the entire first season of Rome. He got several other movies (I got him Flash Gordon and Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak), so winter will be movies at Caleb's. There was all kind of other fun and serious gifts, too, and Caleb made nice mulled cider.

Meanwhile the meeting of the cats went poorly. Having decided to let them meet on "neutral" ground, we thought they might get along better. Well, they might have, except Luckie was VERY unhappy at being brought to a strange place. She hid under the futon and then, when I got her out of there eventually, squeezed herself behind a concrete support pillar and a bookcase. Would not come out and pretty much crouched there hissing and growling all night. Meanwhile Pugsley was perfectly at home, sitting in the windows, eating catnip, stretching out on the floor. Finally towards the end, I managed to get Luckie back in the carrier. Caleb decided to bring her over to Pugsley, which resulted in a great deal of hissing and the discovery that Pugsley sounds like an angry, growling dog when he finally gets mad.

So I get home with Luckie, sit down at my computer here, and immediately she jumps on my lap, purring and rubbing herself on me for ten minutes: "Oh, Mommy, I promise I'll be good, I promise -- just neeeeever take me back to the horrible place with the large furry creature and no bed to hide under!" LOL.