December 21st, 2006

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"D*ck in a Box"

What does it say about changing media culture when I found a link to this SNL video (bleeped out by NBC on the live broadcast) on the New York Times web site? (Warning: Contains the word "d*ck." In case that wasn't obvious.)

And, yes, that's the real Justin Timberlake. ROFL...
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Quiet Day at the Market

Things are molasses slow here at the market. My boss Pam has left for vacation and Jen, the marketing person, is taking a day off. The market itself is pretty sedate, too, despite the upcoming holiday. I hear meat being cut, see people bringing carts of collards out to the parking lot, but it's not the frenzy it was at Thanksgiving.

Today's list of low-key accomplishments:

- Called electrician to schedule repair on some light fixtures
- Mailed packet of forms and documentation to credit collection agency
- Helped vendor make copies of menu
- Wrote letters to go with checks for cops who worked here over Thanksgiving
- Distributed goody bags for kids, filled with coloring sheets and crayons
- Refilled vendors candy baskets
- Sorted and distributed vendor mail
- Consoled a guy wrongly accused of shoplifting

Yes, lots of stress today, LOL. (See marchenland, you need to outsource!)
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Movies of the Year

I'm bound to see a few more movies by the end of the year, but still, I'd like to name the top -- and bottom -- movies I've seen this year.

Disclaimer: These movies, BTW, are not listed on the basis of being from 2006, but being ones I saw in 2006. And I'm only putting ones I saw for the first time, because otherwise I'd put down things like Wizard of Oz and LotR, both of which I watched, oh, numerous times this year :)

Best of 2006
Bad Day at Black Rock
Cat People
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
City of God
Curse of the Cat People
The Crow
Heavenly Creatures
I'm Going To Tell You A Secret
Lair of the White Worm
The Nomi Song
Spirited Away
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
Triumph of the Will
V for Vendetta

Looking at that list, I'm once again aware of the fact I tend to enjoy pretty dark movies. The only true comedy listed is Borat, and that's a satiric mockumentary. Some of the others have funny moments (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Spirited Away) but aren't primarily comedies. Anyway, I guess that's what Netflix has done to me -- enabled me to gorge myself on dark stuff.

Also: 3 of those movies were documentaries (about Madonna, Klaus Nomi, and Nazis!), plus there's Borat.

I'm not really sure what my absolute top fav was. I could probably do a Top 10 if I tried but I'm not trying.


Worst of 2006
Alien Abduction
Mata Hara*
War of the Worlds**

Alien Abduction and Shapeshifter were both Sci Fi Channel movies, once I managed to watch all the way through and thus list on my movies watched list. War of the Worlds was Tom Cruise / Steven Spielburg schlock. Mata Hara is a 30s movie with Greta Garbo. The best part of it was the trailer.

* Aside from getting to stare at Garbo, pointless.
** Although I did enjoy seeing everything get blown up.
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Boring Weather

With all the exciting weather happening around the country lately -- snowstorms, ice storms, wind storms, thunderstorms -- I'd like to sit back and review the weather calamities Atlanta has experienced since I moved here (ten years ago).


OK, OK, that's not fair, there have been a few things, including:

  • Tornados that struck in northern suburbs sometime around 2000. A co-worker of mine had severe damage to her house, which got hit by falling trees, and it was like six months before she could move back in.

  • Couple of wicked bad ice storms. The worst was a couple of years ago, when I scoffed, then discovered I could barely cross the street... in combat boots. Residents decided to have a party downstairs in the art gallery, since we couldn't GO anywhere.

  • Kick-ass thunderstorms... when we're not having a drought! No, seriously, the thunderstorms down here are furious, insane Southern thunderstorms, and they're even crazier when you live in an area with skyscraper and can watch all the buildings getting zapped with lightning. Shazam!

  • Tail-end of hurricanes. We don't get hurricanes, but we get the storms after they come up and over here. The storms after Katrina were pretty intense.

  • F'in heat heat HEAT. Any type of heat that's so bad that not having AC could threaten your life is a big deal. Air that's too hot or too polluted to breath? Emergency.

As for snow, I can count on one hand the number of snow days here and can measure the total depth of that snow with thumb and forefinger... and that's being way generous, since it's been maybe two inches?

Anyway, aside from the sick heat of July and August and some thunderstorms, the weather is really boring here.