December 25th, 2006


Different Christmas

For the first time in my LIFE our family did a different Christmas. Instead of doing the traditional Christmas Eve routine at my parents, we went over Betty & Bruce's in Sturbridge. It turned out OK, mostly because I looooove my niece Julianna. She's the kind of kid you wish you could clone or steal or something so you could have one yourself and/or all kids would be awesome. Anyway, we watched It's A Wonderful Life. I got a couple of necklaces from Betty and the gifts I gave out were well received. I wound up playing with Julianna, read to her, then put her to bed. Awwwww. Overnight I slept downstairs on a futon and slept OK except for the bit between 4-5 when Will woke up, which was noisy. Now I'm up and Bruce is making everybody breakfast, whatever we want. My omelette is almost ready so I'm going to go now.
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Origins of Christmas Excess

One of the nice things about visiting my parents is that there are copies of the Boston Globe lying around. Mom reads it, while Dad usually doesn't because it's from Massachusetts and therefore tainted with impure Bostonian thoughts. He does the crossword though! Anyway, there were several nice articles in today's paper, interesting stuff I didn't know, including this one:

A tale of Christmas past: excess, revelry

Yes, I've read all about the Christian church coopting pagan holiday times, traditions, etc., but this one sheds light on why pre-Christian people were celebrating around this in the first place. It talks about how this is when the beer would be fermented, for example :) Anyway, a nice little read.