December 26th, 2006

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My brief bio

I'm helping my mother do a little book about our family, for the grandkids. It starts with a "Once upon a time there were two people..." and moves on to each of the kids and where they were born, then later has when they got married and their kids. So I'm reviewing it and when it gets to me, Mom felt bad I had no kids to write about so she put:

Wendy has her parakeets, ginnea pigs and her cat Lucky.

LOL. I will fix the spelling, but hey, I guess it's true...
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Christmas Day

Well, Christmas was pretty low-key here, since it's just Mom, Dad and I, but actually it was more exciting than usual! This morning we woke up at Betty's, had breakfast and watched the family do presents. Afterward we went home and wound up watching Run Silent, Run Deep, which I actually really like. I've watched that with Dad before, only it was on this bad taped-from-TV copy. Anyway, of course around 3 I had to have my nap, which I did. I woke up to discover Mom and Dad had decided to do a turkey today. So we got a big turkey dinner and everybody else has to deal with leftovers, plus turkey soup. We had good mashed potatoes, asparagus and stuffing even. Finally things wound up with Mom wrapping presents, me sitting there talking with her while I showed her all the extras from my Wizard of Oz DVD, which I brought up with me as a family movie. At this point I'm about ready for bed.

BTW, my siblings are dropping in various times. Tom and his family is coming tomorrow through Thursday. Nancy and family will come either tomorrow (if weather is good) or Wednesday, then stay to Friday I think. Carolyn's family and probably Betty's will come Friday. I'm here with my parents all week, which is fine with me. I think I'm lucky -- no big car trip with kids, sleeping on the floor or a hotel, etc. I get a bed every night and get to the see my parents the whole time.
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Christmas Ills

Unsurprisingly, I seem to have picked up whatever stomach virus Mom had Saturday and Sunday. For the third night in a row I didn't sleep well, but last night was different because I was all hot and sweaty and my stomach felt really bad. I thought I was hungry but I think it was a bad stomach ache. I woke up feeling nauseous, dizzy and overall weird.

Mom had planned for us to go shopping and I didn't want to disappoint, so I had some bland breakfast and a cup of boullion. Did some good, as I was able to go through most of Rockingham Mall and help Mom pick out last-minute gifts, but in the end I succumbed to a massive dizzy spell and had to sit by the exit in Sears while Mom finished up. I nearly passed out at one point -- my vision started flashing white like when I had heat stroke -- but I managed to hang on and Mom showed up. Ugh.

At home again, I took a three-hour nap. It's now 9 and I've managed to have some things to eat, including dinner, and I'm not as woozy as I was, but something definitely isn't right with my digestive system and my head. I feel like I've got diarrhea and barf just itching to make its way out of my body :( I think I will probably go to bed early and just sleep the whole thing off like Mom did. What a bummer though.

A bunch of family is showing up tomorrow so I hope to be better or at least, over it enough that I don't pass this on to somebody.