January 4th, 2007



Having one of those please-just-let-me-stay-in-bed days. I really didn't want to get up today and now that I'm up, I'm avoiding doing anything. I don't want to make calls or arrange chair rentals or anything else productive. I just want to curl up and sleep all day, like a cat I guess.

EDIT: Just confirmed an appoint with a client for 3 p.m. today. Ugh. I was hoping we wouldn't be able to set it up and I could go home and sleep. Now I will just sleep when I get home. Until 7, when I have to go the gym. Wah. Want sleep NOW!
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Abbie: She Swims, She Scores

So yesterday afternoon I let Abbie have a swim in the tub. And, yes, I do mean SWIM. With YinYang I didn't have quite enough water, so she could still touch the bottom, but Abbie's water was over her head and OMG, she was swimming laps. I will say that at first I thought she wouldn't swim at all, because I put her in the tub and she just sat perfectly still, floating. She's apparently quite buoyant, perhaps due to all her fluffy fur. Within a few seconds, however, she snapped out of it and started piggy-paddling around the tub. I shot a movie but only really let her go at it for a minute, because I didn't want her to get too exhausted. I then put my hand under her as a support and poured cups of the water over her until she was all wet. She looked totally pathetic afterward, but what's new. I towel-dried her and then used a hair dryer. Silly rodent.
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Ahhhhhhhh, much better!

Meeting in Decatur this afternoon went well. The new client is one of those sane, sensible creative people -- garden design shop owner. Our meeting was only about a half an hour, so afterward I felt I had time to drop by a couple favorite places. Squash Blossom was having a 30% off sale, which meant I absolutely had to go in, since the clothes (hand-stitched) are exquisite but too expensive for me normally. Found a gorgeous 1920s goth dress that miraculously fit me and yes, was on sale. So that was a present for myself. Afterward I went over to Raging Burrito, my fav burrito place in town, and had the Thai burrito. The place was nearly empty since it was only 4:30, but that meant I could have some pleasant banter with the waitress. Apparently I can get a cajun shrimp burrito there and I didn't even know! I left her a big tip, as she was so damn educational!

As I predicted, got home just after 5, and after a little reading, got in bed for a nap. Half-way through, a neighbor called to ask me some home-repair type questions, which I was able to answer even though I had come straight out of sleep. Around 8:15 Caleb called, which finally woke me up for real. I feel MUCH better now. I knew I needed a nap!