January 5th, 2007

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Random 5 - from fridayfiver

I usually do the other one, but versailles_rose posted this and I like the questions.

1. What feels like home?
My own messy bed.

2 Do you look at yourself carefully in the mirror before you leave for the day?
About 50 times...

3. How do you feel right now?
Crappy, but that's just how I feel in the morning. Who beat me up in my sleep?

4. Are you a star-gazer?
Not really, but then again I live in the middle of a city and not like you can see the stars anyway. I do see the moon pretty regularly. When I'm away from home, especially somewhere like Vermont, I always notice the stars straight off. And yes, I make a wish on the first one I see.

5. Friday Fill-In:
How much time has passed since you last _____?
Had sex. I have no idea, but it was definitely during the Clinton administration.
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From thefridayfive - Pets

1. Do you have any pets? If so, how many, and what are their names?
As all readers of this LJ know.... YES. Abbie and YinYang the guinea pigs, Pell the budgie (parakeet) and Luckie the cat. They're all females.

2. What was your very first pet? Do you remember its name?
A budgie. I prayed I would get one for an entire year and lied to my whole first grade class by saying I had one. I finally got one for my 8th birthday. I named him/her (no idea) Pepper. For Christmas that year my family got a golden retriever and I was replete.

3. Is there an animal you would never have as a pet?
Any kind of monkey.

4. What common pet have you always wanted but never had? Why not?
If I had the space and money and time, I'd have a dozen pets. One type of pet I've wanted for ages is a tortoise. They have the same diet as guinea pigs so they could probably live together. Tortoises are so cool.

5. What wild animal (extinct or not) would you own if you didn't have to worry about its adjustment or the cost of captivity?
A giant moa (largest bird in history). Or maybe a Dodo.

Licorice Loving Maniac

Inspired by a shipping discount, I just ordered a whole bunch of goodies from Licorice International. Yum. I think I got six different items, for only $20 total. One of them isn't actually licorice, but horehound candy. I love horehound and these are produced by the Amish. Yet another "gross" flavor I think is delightful.

Oh, and yakalskovich: Those really HORRIBLE licorice drops Caleb bought me during our visit? The totally revolting ones? I put the remaining ones in my mom's Christmas present and she didn't comment at all. She just ate every one and thought it was great. The only kind she didn't like was a kind that was licorice and mint together. But the reallllly disgusting ones? She loved!

EDIT, 4 p.m.: Just got a notification saying my order has shipped, Priority Mail. Whoo hoo! So I should have a ton of licorce come Monday. Fortunately licorice, especially good licorice, isn't a candy I particularly gorge myself on, so it will last some time.
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My own clippings service

Will it ever stop amusing me that my mom has a Google alert set on "Wendy Darling" that tells her any time I get mentioned online? I doubt it. Especially when she then emails me to alert me to things she'd found.
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