January 7th, 2007

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Viewer Discretion? OK, I can do that...

Recently I realized one commonality that unites most of the shows I enjoy watching on TV: They're all prefaced with disclaimers about how "viewer discretion is advised." This includes medical shows, animal cops shows, sex shows, and yay, Dr G: Medical Examiner. If it has a disclaimer, I probably want to watch it :)
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Posting this demos my point

Lately I've been experiencing alternating, cyclical periods of either fatigue or hyperactivity. Today it was like this:

- Up 'til 2 a.m. Feel very clear and focused, don't want to go to bed.
- Wake up 7, feel groggy as hell, go to sleep again.
- Wake up 9:30, still really groggy, meet up with people for breakfast. Ugh.
- Return home around noon... and by 12:30 I'm in bed for a nap.
- Wake up 2 p.m., feeling revived, go out with Caleb, have lots of energy.
- Back around 4:30, all tired again, nearly ready to go to sleep; I watch TV instead.
- Around 5, go over Caleb's for dinner, feel more awake.
- From 8 p.m. on, sort of in between tired and hyper.
- From midnight on, awake and focused, able to clean kitchen, organize, etc.

So basically I feel much better in the evening and night than I do in the morning and every afternoon I crash out for a long nap. This happens even if I go to bed at midnight and get 8-9 hours sleep. Afternoon is just like a big sleeping pill.
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Had breakfast at Caleb's. Two cups of strong Illy coffee? Yum. But did it wake me up at all? No. Coffee, as a stimulant, doesn't do much for me, unless it has a lot of sugar and/or chocolate in it. The most stimulating coffee drink ever? This frozen thing I used to get at Sacred Grounds, involving espresso, condensed milk, chocolate syrup and about a 1/2 cup of ground, chocolate-covered espresso beans. That would keep me revved up for hours. But I guess that shows how much it takes to wake me up!
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More ethnic food

I just had a bowl of German sweet and sour cabbage. Yum! Delicious stuff. I think I like the recipe I used better than (sorry, Mom!) my mother's. It's basically boiled, chopped cabbage cooked in a brown sauce (onions and flour sauteed in butter) with lemon juice, brown sugar, vinegar, chopped apple, raisins and a couple of cloves. So good! And weirdly, it kind of tastes like Chinese food. I'll be eating this, and the herring salad of yesterday, for several days. The world will suffer my farts, but tough tookies!
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Movie Happiness

Thanks to the fact my PayPal account gets regular deposits from buyers of the Wraeththu picture book, I can go on buying sprees on eBay.

Today it was DVDs of favorite movies (links to IMDB):

The Saddest Music in the World
Cat People / Curse Of The Cat People (1940s version)
The Bishop's Wife

The least weird of these is Bishop's Wife, with Cary Grant as an angel. The weirdest one is no doubt the French mostly CGI movies Immortel, and that's saying something considering Saddest Music features Isabella Rosselini as a beer company magnate with beer-filled glass prosthetic legs. The two Cat People movies are creepy and stylish and weird, but at least exist more or less in our reality.

Meanwhile tonight the boys and I went out and saw Children of Men. If that isn't in the top five movies of this year, then this year had ought to be very good. Awesome movie and pretty much showing how I see the world going. Not that I'm negative ;)