January 9th, 2007

ice cream

Candy candy candy!

My load of licorice arrived yesterday. I have quite the supply now:

  • Pack of Licorice XyliChew -- yup, sugar-free, licorice flavored chewing gum. I've had a couple of pieces and it's very good, not too sweet, licoricey and not minty.

  • 200 g box of Halva brand Original Finnish Sweet Licorice. These are black licorce logs, about the size of small Tootsie Rolls. Just tried some and it's fantastic. It's not all bland like American mainstream licorice (Twizzlers) but it's not insanely potent and salty like say Dutch or Italian licorice. It's tasty and chewy, as licorce should be.

  • 1/2 lb. "tire tread" licorice from Finland. These are 1"x1" chewy black licorice squares with "tread" on them. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure it will taste similar to the licorce logs

  • 1/2 lb. black licorice Scotties, from USA. I've had these before and they're also like the "logs" -- chew with an in-between taste. They're shaped like Scottie dogs.

  • 2 oz. Chateau D'Lanz brand Swiss Licorice. It's in a gold tin bag but I think they're little diamonds of hard licorice and rather intense in flavor. They're supposed to be sweetened with beet sugar, however, so they're probably not as over-strong as Italian pure-anise licorice.

  • As free gift, 8 pieces of Kookaburra brand Allsorts from Australia. I had one and it was kind of yuck, but then again I don't like allsorts that much -- the colors and flavors work against the licorice part.

In addition to the licorice, there's a 6 oz. bag of horehound candy, made by the Pennsylvania Dutch according to the 19th century recipe. In case you're wondering, horehound candy sort of tastes like rootbeer or Moxie, with this sort of rooty, medicinal taste. They're brown "horsepills" with white powder on them. I must've first had these as a kid. Still like 'em.