January 10th, 2007


Too bad it's just me

I talk to myself (and the animals) a lot and lately, weird stuff pops out of my mouth. Tonight:

After sneezing 11 times in a row:
Man, I am such a Sneezypoof!

To Luckie:
Your peanut is over THERE! No, you can't have MY peanuts!

Pointing to African serval cat (Luckie's ancestor) on TV:
Their diet is almost 100 percent rodent! [Turns to Luckie.] Wow, now I'm even more impressed you leave the guinea pigs alone.

To Luckie:
Get away from the phone!

And before you say it, I *do* get out. I just have always, always talked to myself a lot.
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I don't know if my sheets are super extra covered in cat hair* or it's the incense cones I lit in my office the other day or what, but I've got such allergies today. I was sneezing all last night and despite taking Nasacor before bed (and being on Singular as well), woke up several times with a runny nose and this really annoying tickle in my throat. When I finally got up, it wasn't any better. Gah. I guess I can try the OTC allergy meds I have, but only in the daytime, since when I take them at night I can't sleep. I will also wash my sheets and blankets, clean up the incense residue, and clean and reorder filters for my air purifiers.

* I'm not allergic to cats, but Luckie does sleep right next to my head and I'm allergic to dust, which despite her best efforts, Luckie probably has stuck all over her. And "her" pillow is covered with hair; it's practically the only place you notice her shedding.
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Voice Post: Get outta my face!

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“Me going off on all the freaking BEGGING going on in the streets of Downtown Atlanta. I am SICK of being accosted by people I can TELL are going to accost me when I see them a block away. I just deal with it as quickly as I can ("No") but I swear inside I really want to get a big flyswatter or taser or something. I'm not carrying a sign that says "Order Here" so people shouldn't be lining up to ask me for shit. Ugh.”

Transcribed by: wiebke