January 11th, 2007

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Soda Surge

Every time there's discussion of the Iraqi "surge" strategy, I think about that failed soda put out by Coca-Cola in the late 90s:

I don't know if Surge ever made it national, because at the time it was big, I was at UGA and I think they were test-marketing it. (Coke often test-markets new products in and around Atlanta.) I remember it being in these butt-ugly cans and being green like Mountain Dew.

(On a related note, anybody remember the supposedly African-inspired soda Coke put out around the same time, targeted toward blacks? I'm sure that one never made it outside Georgia. I think I liked it though.)
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Fantasy homes

I've been using the Albany Times-Union real estate to look at all the nice properties available up there. The amount of affordable, historic properties up there is a main reason I've thought about moving there. Anyway, I hadn't checked things in a while and apparently the system has changed so its now possible for me to bookmark and link to individual properties, instead of just saving the pictures. Anyway, here are some finds for tonight that give an idea of the sort of thing I'm interested in:

2,000-sq.-ft single family townhouse in Albany, $159,900

3 BR Victorian townhouses in Albany, $310,000

3 BR Center Square townhouse in Albany, $282,500

HUGE Victorian house in Troy, $74,900

Little 4 BR brick house in Troy, $137,800

And these are only the single-family ones. There are many multi-families available, like 4-unit townhouse apartment buildings, with owner apartment, for $90,000 and such. As for the list above, three of them are priced way below my current place, which is way smaller.

Ah, well. More stuff to feed my dreams.
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