January 13th, 2007

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Infernal Cat, Bizarro Dreams

It must get cold right around 5:30 a.m. I keep waking up and Luckie's there trying desperately to dig her way under the covers. If I hold them up and offer her a spot, she won't go in, but she will sit there for 15 minutes digging on the edges. Which is damn annoying! I had to kick her out of the bedroom last night because she wouldn't stop her attempting to tunnel through the fabric. I left a blanket on the sofa so hopefully she figured that one out.

And of course, once I fell asleep again, I had weird, weirrrrrd dreams. I can only remember bits and pieces but:
  • Going to some opera recital by an old soprano and being really ticked off because she was going to sing from the far left of the auditorium, not even on stage, but sort of in a niche, so hardly anyone could see her. My brother Tom was there and starting bitching loudly about this, to Daniel's amusement.

  • Escaping the performance, which I didn't realy want to attend anyway, and getting into all sorts of adventures in the performance center, which was sort of like a school, sort of like a hospital. At one point I grabbed a wheelchair and got it, pretending to need it, and proceeded to test out how ADA compliant the place was. I couldn't find an elevator to get back to the auditorium.

  • Paid a visit to some really weird amusement park I've visited in dreams before... something like World of Coke + Disney where all the attractions were located on these discs, like if somebody spilled a dozen records. It was very Art Moderne and sort of crumbling, so I couldn't figure out why it was open.

  • At some point Daniel and I were somewhere with a cache of clothes and accessories we could take for free. I found this really cool belt and meanwhile Daniel was there creating these outfits that were like 1950s peasant girl style, including peasant-style poodle skirts and 1950s -styled wigs. He looked so cut, but I told him no pink and black because that was too much like me. He was going to do dark blue and black instead.

  • Found a bunch of old writings of mine, from elementary school, all down in this cramped scrawl, with some disturbing stories on them. Not unlike the ones I used to write that got me in trouble at the time :)